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Axe Cop by RMZ

In 2009, two brothers, Malachai (age 5) and Ethan (age 29) Nicolle, created the comic book, Axe Cop. Over the years, the brothers pitted Axe Cop and his team of strong fighters against the most deadly, disgusting, and horrifying bad guys that their imaginations could come up with. In celebration of over ten years of Axe Cop, we are proud to present the official Axe Cop Game!

Play as Axe Cop and his team in this classic retro RPG! Take on challenging missions against his most devious enemies such as Bad Santa Claus, Dr. Stinkyhead, Dr. Doo doo and more! The Axe Cop Game is great for casual and hardcore RPG gamers alike, offering plenty of strategy, quests and story for any gamer to sink their axe into!

The full game is available on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1193300/Axe_Cop/
Highest-rated Game

Devs Like Waffles by Bob the Hamster

A falling block puzzle game about waffles.

Sort of kind of a contestant in the 2015 Random Collaboration Contest

Available for Android on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hamsterrepublic.devwaffles.free

<TheGiz> Trash talking this contest is way more fun when I don't have a hrose in the race
<Feenicks> No plans of putting one in?
<TheGiz> Why the hell would I
<Bob_the_Hamster> what should we do for our SECRET collab contest entry?
<TheGiz> My secret goal in this community is that I own a Waffle House
<TheGiz> And I find that failed game developers make excellent waffle cooks
<TheGiz> So I'm trying to wash as many of you out as possible to feed my empire's need for waffles
<Bob_the_Hamster> That evil plan is... delicious
Most-downloaded Game

BABIES (vs) ROBOTS, and other Spoonweaver Tech Demos by Spoonweaver

All these games include their script files in basic .txt format and in .hs format. These script files can be used as learning tools or you may simply copy and paste them into your games as you see fit.
Newest Game

Knight Slights: OHR by RMZ

If you thought the classic Knight Slights was fun and out of control, then be prepared to crank the dial up to twelve!

The day that game was released, Fenrir approached RMZ about using it as a template for his OHR Cards Against Humanity deck, and the two of them together collaborated for the first time ever on something truly insane. All of the cards in this game are from that deck, but the two worked together and with various community members to try and update it for the OHR audience of today, with some cards referencing new and older developers and games, such as Katja's Abyss, Tough Girl Gina and new OHR-er Hollyhart.

The game uses Knight Slights Classic as a template, which was made for Spoonweaver's Spring Collab Contest 2021. RMZ and Fenrir both co-produced the OHR edition together. The soundtrack was updated with original tunes by Ravancloak. Various sounds were acquired and used across the web and various OHR projects.

The language and...

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