Featured Game

Shroud House by Ravancloak

Explore a strange house and try to save your friends~

Created by Ravancloak and Tophat for the 2021 Halloween contest :D
Highest-rated Game

Devs Like Waffles by Bob the Hamster

A falling block puzzle game about waffles.

Sort of kind of a contestant in the <a href="http://www.slimesalad.com/forum/viewtop ... rt=0">2015 Random Collaboration Contest</a>

Available for Android on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... ffles.free

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<TheGiz> Trash talking this contest is way more fun when I don't have a hrose in the race
<Feenicks> No plans of putting one in?
<TheGiz> Why the hell would I
<Bob_the_Hamster> what should we do for our SECRET collab contest entry?
<TheGiz> My secret goal in this community is that I own a Waffle House
<TheGiz> And I find that failed game developers make excellent waffle cooks
<TheGiz> So I'm trying to wash as many of you out as possible to feed my empire's need for waffles
<Bob_the_Hamster> That evil plan is... delicious
Most-downloaded Game

BABIES (vs) ROBOTS, and other Spoonweaver Tech Demos by Spoonweaver

All these games include their script files in basic .txt format and in .hs format. These script files can be used as learning tools or you may simply copy and paste them into your games as you see fit.
Newest Game

Titityler (a1.1) by pjbebi

Collect 300 pennies and get your bubbly butt to the mail box.

GAME CONTROLS: (should work as expected with any generic gamepad):
Move with left and right (or Z and X)
Jump with Use key (or SHIFT)
toggle mini map with Menu Key (or M)

R: Reset from room (also respawns coins/resets mini map)
L: Reset from Hero starting position
V: toggle visibility of map layer 2
H: toggles visibility of hit box
O: Delete Saved Game*
T: Restore Screen Resolution (in case of error display)

This game is way still in development. Let's talk about what it needs in the game discussion forum.

*Without a Saved game, you'll have infinitely replenishing blue bubbles. However, you may get trapped instead of respawning at your save point