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Long, long ago, the Aesir Gods fought with the primeval Jotun for control of the world. Having won the war, the Aesir set about rebuilding the world to their liking. But building anew upon a flawed foundation is not without its own problems, and an unknowable evil has slipped through the cracks to sow chaos and disorder wherever it goes...

Are you brave enough to take up this quest? Will you have the courage to vanquish evil?


Vikings of Midgard is a hybrid of modern and retro-styled RPGs based on those released on the Super Nintendo, created using the OHRRPGCE engine. Built over the course of 15+ years, it was intended to act as the "face" of the engine, and to showcase as much as possible of what it could do. Featuring original graphics (by Fenrir-Lunaris) and an original soundtrack (by Artimus Bena), Vikings pays homage to the classic role playing games of the 1990's.

An expansive world to explore that changes with the player's actions!
A host of horrible fiends and terrible monsters to fight!
10 playable heroes - each with their own unique strengths!
Can't stand random encounters? Turn them off!
Lost on what to do next? You've got access to an in-game library of information at your fingertips!


    ​Arrow Keys
      *Move your lead viking on the FIELD
      *Move the cursor on menus
      *Pick your target in battle​

      *Investigate the direction you are facing on the FIELD
      *Advance character dialogue
      *Confirm menu choices​

    ​ESC or ALT
      *Calls up the menu while you are on the FIELD
      *Cancels any choice and backs up one step in menus
      *Attempt to flee in battle (ESC only!)​

      *Pauses the game in battle

      *Allows you to sprint on the FIELD when held down

      *Take a screenshot

    ALT + F4

NOTE: Linux and Mac versions are provided AS IS!
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viking-linux-x86_64.tar.gz viking-linux-x86_64.tar.gz (45.93 MB; downloaded 98 times)
2020 Release of Vikings for Linux, Hróðvitnir build. (47.3 MB; downloaded 71 times)
2020 Release of Vikings for 64 bit MacOS, Hróðvitnir build. (47.55 MB; downloaded 163 times)
2020 Release of Vikings for Windows, Hróðvitnir build. (4.72 MB; downloaded 1898 times)
2012 Release of Vikings for Windows, Alectormancy build. (3.83 MB; downloaded 2051 times)
2010 Release of Vikings for Windows, Ypsiliform build. (2.76 MB; downloaded 2406 times)
2008 Version of Vikings for Windows, Xocolotl build. (1.32 MB; downloaded 2153 times)
2007 Original download of Vikings for Windows, Ubersetzung build.
Cryptic references!
Quick travel!
Horrible monsters!
Fearsome foes!
True evil will stand in your way
Detailed environments await
Viking backdrop0.png
A title screen to open a long awaited adventure