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Update 11-Sept-08: Documentation for our Brazilian friends
Update 18-Oct-07: Cosmetic stuff! The attacks all have graphics and sounds now. Aren't you happy?
Update 25-Nov-06: New palette (menus are now easier to navigate). Minor bugfixes. Some BAMs updated to MIDI.
Update 18-Nov-06: Safe2, Shell2 costs further reduced; some items fixed.
Update 07-Jan-05: 5 Hits weakened; Safe2, Shell2 and Big Guard MP costs reduced.

For the 2004 Human Day and Epic Marathon contests.

What is Darkmoor Dungeon? It is strategic RPG battling in the finest tradition of classic games such as the SNES Final Fantasy games, Chrono Trigger, and so on -- games that knew what challenge and gameplay were.


  • Choose a party of four from the legendary Paladin, Berserker, Ninja, Witch, Priest, and Wizard
  • Fight over twenty unique and challenging battles
  • Many classic battles from Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy as well as new, original battles
  • Prove your valor by fighting to escape from Darkmoor Dungeon
  • Over twenty different songs, many of them original
  • Two different endings!

Do you have the courage to escape from Darkmoor Dungeon?
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