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One day I was playing Minesweeper, and I got upset. I had to guess between two spots for the last mine, and I guessed wrong! I lost the whole level, just because of a lost lottery. You know what would be cool? If Minesweeper was a tactics game, and you didn't lose the entire level for a single mistake. Thus, Minesweeper Tactics was born (Edit: It was later christened as Katja's Abyss: Tactics for legal reasons)! Now you can make many mistakes before losing! Grin

Katja's Abyss: Tactics has a campaign mode with 8 levels and an infinite mode with 2 difficulties: Normal and Deadly

UPDATE 12/05/2020:
v1.1 Release
+ Highlights tiles in range of movement/action
+ Settings menu
+ Basic Fog of War mechanics, where monsters lay in hiding
+ Descriptive messages appear on-screen when an invalid instruction is given
+ Larger map, with camera controls
+ Unit descriptions menu on main menu (escape menu)
+ Tutorial window when starting a new game
+ Color of overlay numbers corresponds to value
+ Can mark tiles as safe or unsafe
* Range limit for Fighters/Scouts
* Unit menus have no box to see more clearly what you are doing
* Units can use remaining movement after moving on their turn

UPDATE 14/07/2020
v1.2 Release
+ Added Katja
+ Barrier Unit push ability
+ Unit upgrades
+ New Title
+ Campaign Mode (7 levels, 8th unfinished)
+ High Score on title screen
+ Menu icons for unit menus
* Lots of bug fixes and tweaks.

UPDATE 28/07/2020
v1.3 Release
+ New Title Screen
+ Maptile autotiling
+ Menu and HUD buttons
+ Authored level design (WIP)
+ New level win conditions/setups
+ Customizable screen aspect ratio
+ Better level generation
+ Better feedback for attacking, collecting energy, enemy turns
+ Radar unit upgrade for Barrier unit
* Unit movement calculation more accurate
* Enemy spawning more consistent/enemies no longer spawn on top of each other
* Refresh number overlay when "defusing" a Node so nearby-mine values are accurate
edit: Mac version!

UPDATE 01/08/2020
v1.4 Release
+ Full (skippable) tutorial in Campaign Mode
+ Some new UI assets
* Minor bug fixes and visual tweaks

UPDATE 08/27/2020
v1.5 Release
+ Move camera by moving mouse to the edges of the screen
+ Message displays when you collect enough energy to build an Extractor
+ Pick up energy as you move over it
+ Enemies drop energy upon being killed
+ Unit/enemy pathfinding fixed, made more immediate
+ Units idly animate
+ Enemy radar on the scan overlay tells you when enemies will spawn in Fog of War
+ New ranged enemy: Spitter
+ Better enemy AI: choosing better targets
+ Select next unit button: focuses camera on units that can still move/act
+ Some new SFX: enemies, unit actions
+ Slice-based menus
+ Setting for hiding OS mouse
* Cleaner UI interactions, buttons now activate on mouse release instead of mouse down
* Unit HUD displays current/max movement
* Sprite animations can appear on GUI, not just on map layers
* Monsters cannot spawn within a small radius of your starting units
* Tweaked difficulty on campaign Levels, specifically making them more beatable
- Removed wait button, wasn't necessary

UPDATE 09/07/20
v1.6 Release
+ New master palette
+ Menu Item Tooltips on some menus
+ New Maptiles by Feenicks
+ New UI Boxes
+ Grading system/Score when completing level
+ Animated Sector Complete Screen
+ New Unit sprites for standard units by Gaplan
+ NPCs on Level select screens with dialogue
* Increased length of Sector 4
* Decreased difficulty of Sectors 5 & 6, added safe spots from heat
* Better end scenes

UPDATE 10/18/20
v1.7 Release
+ Unit/Enemy passive abilities (view unit list from main menu)
+ New hive enemy (view unit list for details)
+ New Enemy & Modified Unit sprites
+ Find Artifacts while digging and fighting
+ View lore entries on Artifacts from Extras menu
+ Cosmetic unlocks by in-game achievements (from Extras menu)
+ Contact & chat with Katja on level select map in Campaign Mode
* Right Click unit to bring up unit description menu
* Deadly mode is harder
* Rescuable units on Sector 6
* Start points in Inf mode have a minimum size
* More/better vfx
* More/improved sfx
* UI tweaks
* Improved level select movement
* Increased Unit costs across the board
* Reworked enemy spawn rates (based on revealed map & # of units)
- Removed medium difficulty
+ Secret shop

UPDATE 12/7/20
v1.8 Release
+ Unlockable Free Mode (set node probability, spawn rate, etc.)
+ Katja voice acting
+ More helpful tutorial messages throughout campaign
+ Speech bubble over level select NPCs when they have something new to say
+ Notification when an achievement is unlocked
+ Replaced radar passive: now half-reveals fog of war in large area
+ Jukebox/SoundTest in extras
+ Game remembers settings after closing/re-opening
+ Adjustable mouse cam sensitivity
+ Retreat button on main menu in Campaign Mode
+ After-game credits
+ New song in sectors 7 & 8
* Increased Barrier's vision & movement, reduced radar's vision
* Increased Artillery's range to 3
* Increased Defuser's salvage amount
* Miners collect energy when mining a wall without a Node
* Unusable buttons grayed out
* Overlay key changed from 'i' to 'e'
* HUD buttons are usable while unit is selected
* Turn counter doesn't count enemy turns
* Resources from enemies based on max health
* Lose level when refinery destroyed (only on levels where refinery is required)
* Removed enemy fog spawns and non-miner units from sector 1
* Sector 4 becomes more difficult as it goes on
* Tweaked starting energy based on sector (extractor easier to reach on certain levels)
* 24-bit color used for transparency

UPDATE 12/29/20
v1.9 Release
+ Suspend game mid-level (only works in Campaign mode)
+ Additional original music
* Tweaked balance of level grades

UPDATE 3/15/21
v2.0 Release
+ Hotkeys for move, act, and modify unit menu buttons
+ Menu notification for new Extra content
v2.1 Release
+ Hats secret
+ Tooltips in tutorial
+ Added Catja
* Better node generation in campaign missions
* Increased FPS to 60

UPDATE 4/9/21
Full Release
+ Itch page live
+ See you on the other side, soldiers
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