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I'm putting up a bunch of my cancelled and unfinished games into one entry on the gamelist. If any of these are liked enough, I might get back to work on them. If they get finished, they'll be removed from here and given their own entries.

These games don't come with the program to play them; Go here.
PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 4:32 pm
Download (4.21 MB; downloaded 1064 times)
My much-anticipated Homestar Runner fan game. (84.12 KB; downloaded 1050 times)
My attempt at making a gameboy-looking game predates almost all of yours. (602.09 KB; downloaded 1009 times)
The Adventures of Nathan Karr. The title is a lie, since there isn't even one adventure in it. (192.08 KB; downloaded 1028 times)
Has been reviewed by Surlaw. A tiny smidgen of progress since then. (629.88 KB; downloaded 1025 times)
Intentionally ugly game, but I was really trying with the gameplay. Too bad I was bad at game design in '05. (57.8 KB; downloaded 1062 times)
Altered version of Sample.rpg. This one can be completed. (105.99 KB; downloaded 1066 times)
Dragon Warrior fangame. Heavy on ripping, light on game. (272.88 KB; downloaded 1068 times)
Long text crawl intro, predates Nintendo Quest. (323.76 KB; downloaded 1062 times)
A parody of Vikings of Midgard, predating Moron Mission by about a year. (22.3 MB; downloaded 999 times)
A game about Internet trolls.
Screenshot of The Adventures of Nathan Karr.
Screenshot of Starrhao Swordsmen.
Screenshot of RetroRPG.
Screenshot of RetroRPG.
Screenshot of HomestarRunner Fan Game.
Screenshot of HomestarRunner Fan Game.
Screenshot of Happyface's Journey.
Screenshot of Guh.
Screenshot of Axe of the Mystics.
Screenshot of A Newbie's Quest.