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 What is Slime Salad?

Slime Salad is a community for game designers. Whether you're hoping to make your first game or you're wrapping up your thirty-first, Slime Salad welcomes you to participate. Here you'll find a place to advertise and promote your game, as well as free hosting for your game and downloads of others' games. These features are integrated into the forums, so you can upload your game and get immediate feedback from other site members.

 Why Slime Salad?

The name "Slime Salad" was originally suggested by user The Wobbler. in a "name-the-site contest" held shortly before the site launched. The name was chosen because slimes are a gaming icon, starring prominently in countless titles since the origin of video games themselves.

 How do I join?

Click here to sign up. It's free, fast, and easy.

 How do I make my own games?

New to making games? Slime Salad is happy to support any sort of game that you've made, though most of the members use game-making engines such as the OHRRPGCE to make their games. If you're wondering what other options are, try asking us on the forums.

 Who maintains this site?

Mogri is the owner and maintainer. Fortis is responsible for most of the graphic design. (Thanks, Fortis!)