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1. Software
Slime Salad allows users to upload software of their own creation. This is a service provided without liability. Slime Salad is not responsible for the content of the software uploaded to the site. Software is available "as-is", with no warranty expressed or implied.

2. Rights of Authors
Software hosted on Slime Salad is free for download. Nevertheless, authors who upload their software retain their rights to the software, including but not limited to rights to distribution and intellectual property rights. The availability of software on Slime Salad does not override any licensing specific to that software. Unless explicitly stated otherwise or given express permission from the author, you may not redistribute software downloaded from Slime Salad.

3. Privacy
Information provided to Slime Salad will not be sold or disseminated in any manner. By using Slime Salad's services, you warrant that you are 13 years of age or older. Slime Salad maintains no liability for falsified user information.

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