Site Rules (updated 1 May 2009)

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Site Rules (updated 1 May 2009)

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The Front Page forum is for exciting news. Only admins and mods can start new topics here. If your news is exciting enough, a mod can move it to the Front Page.

The Game Discussion forum is for discussing any topics related to gamemaking. For discussion of games not made by Slime Salad members, please post in General Discussion.

The General Discussion forum is for anything you want to talk about. Life, internet, drama, whatever. Posts here are generally unmoderated, but please be civil.

The Games forum is for uploading and promoting your own games only. Replies are disabled in this forum. Please discuss these games in the Game Discussion forum. Do not:
- post the same game twice
- post things that are not games
- post someone else's game
- post without uploading a game

The Reviews forum is for reviewing games that have been uploaded to Slime Salad. There is no standard review format. Reviews are expected to use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. You should also include at least one screenshot with your review. Reviews are intended primarily to encourage authors to improve their games, but also to help potential players decide to play them. Finally, by writing a review, the reviewer is forced to analyze a game's design, a process which benefits reviewer and author alike. All members are encouraged to review other games.

When you participate in the forums by posting, uploading a game, or writing a review, your character stats increase. The stats are as follows:

Slimebucks - You gain Slimebucks for any post that you make.
HP - You gain HP for posting anywhere other than the General Discussion forum.
MP - You gain MP for posting in Game Discussion, Games, or Reviews.
Str - You gain Str for posting a new game.
Agi - You gain Agi for posting a new game or review.
Int - You gain Int for posting a new review.

If you make more than ten posts in a 2-hour period, you will not gain stats for any post after the tenth. This is to prevent abuse.

The Fight Logs record all of the slime battles. There tend to be a lot of these. If you want to disable notifications, there's a setting in the profile to manage that.

The Arena Discussion forum keeps arena chat out of the way of users who'd rather not participate, but is similar to General Discussion otherwise. Remember, good sportsmanship. You can also find the Arena Rules here.

Enjoy your stay at Slime Salad! :)
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