Rogue Sector

It should have been a standard patrol mission. You had wrapped up your sweep and were returning to the Leviathan when a hijacked wormhole led you to this rogue sector. The good news: the onboard nav has calculated a route back to the Leviathan. The bad news: it's going to be a long trip through six sectors filled to the brim with asteroids and bandits.

How to play

Rogue Sector is entirely mouse-controlled. You can move to any green or yellow hex by clicking on it. Green hexes represent «standard moves», which are easy to perform, and yellow hexes represent «tension moves» – difficult maneuvers for your ship. You can't perform a tension move twice in a row.

At the start of each move, your ship (and all enemy ships!) will open fire. These salvos will damage any ship or asteroid that they hit. Ships will receive damage to their shields first, and once shields are depleted, they will take hull damage. Shields replenish slowly, but hull does not regenerate!

Your goal in each sector is to make your way to the wormhole, indicated by the purple arrow. You must end your move on the wormhole to advance. Upon advancing to the next sector, your shields are fully charged and you repair one point of hull. Survive six sectors to win!


Rogue Sector was developed in seven days for the 2015 Seven-Day Roguelike (7DRL) competition – a difficult timeline in which to develop any game, made all the more difficult when illness struck several days in. I hope you enjoy the game.