Roller Toaster Cytoon

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Roller Toaster Cytoon

Post by ArtimusBena »

Winner of the 2023 RGC Contest!

This is a hilarious de-make of Roller Coaster Tycoon with a healthy balance of ridiculousness and good game-play.

Version 2.0: "SpaceJam"
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View a short play through of the game!

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Announcing a major Expansion!

Version 2.0: SpaceJam

We've improved the physics, fixed the bugs (the ones that aren't funny), polished the interface, reticulated all the splines, even made the splashscreens juicily skippable... but most importantly say hello to the new FREE MAP mode:

* Build in any direction, forever. There are no boundaries!
* Start the railcar going forward or backward.
* Set your own finishing line.
* Name your ride.
* Set up insane trick jumps (not easy!)
* Use the new player spritetrail after every run to help you build the next bit of track.
* Marvel as your toaster friend rotates with the track below and twirls in the air, giving you more options for sick landings.
* Two new songs submitted by YOU... the fans :3

Grab a drink, grab a snack, and lose yourself for a while. We just hope you can take the heat from that a-hole artichoke...

This game contains adult themes and occasional language.
Infinite Map! Go wild.
Infinite Map! Go wild.
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