Terminal Attractor (Pre Alpha/Tech Demo)

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Terminal Attractor (Pre Alpha/Tech Demo)

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Welp. I started this game after Time Girl 1998. The scripting needs an overhaul since I haven't touched it since I learned slice extras and pixel walking (when I made Global WARming). The concept is still here, and there's no ending. There's no music and no polish, but I figure since people are bringing in some old starts and unfinished projects, I might as well make it available. As you see, the title screen still says 2021. Oh well. Maybe you all can give me some useful feedback? If this qualifies for Heart Slam, that's cool. If not, I'm fine with that.

Controls are:
SPACE - confirm/kick
ALT - cancel/close
ARROWS - move

Go to Terminals to buy and upgrade robots. Program them to do whatever you need them to do. Fight the bad robots. Buy home defender bots to collect Scrap while you're off exploring.

Item tips:
P-Batteries restore a certain amount of energy to your whole party. You cannot carry more than 9, so you might as well use them before you run out of space. Cycle through your party members to make the most of what you have.
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