Charbile's Hatful Adventure

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Charbile's Hatful Adventure

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The source code is public on GitHub! Feel free to fork it, modify it, and reuse assets/scripts in any way you find useful. You can also post issues there, but I may or may not get around to addressing them myself. page: ... -adventure

Who woulda guessed.

Have fun.

(PM me for Mac/Linux build)

UPDATE: v2: 4/18/22
- Progression bug fixed
- Stamina refreshes when reloading loaded save
- Boss 2 is less punishing
- HP restored after defeating bosses
- Invincibility frames after being hit increased by 10 frames
- Quitting now goes to title screen

UPDATE v3: 6/14/22
- Difficulty menu (can be changed at any time)
- New friends!
- New enemies!
- Buyable upgrades (bosses now drop coins to pay for the upgrades)
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