Cthulhu's Paradox

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Cthulhu's Paradox

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Cthulhu doesn't quite feel like himself these days, and he's losing the support of his followers at the worst time. To restore their faith in him, Cthulhu must travel across four bizarre worlds and do what he does best, inflict pain on those weaker than him. Along the way, a deeper battle surges within his own mind as he strives to uncover a deep truth about himself and what it means to be a being of darkness.

Made for the 2022 Ridiculous Games Contest with Fenrir Lunaris as the primary subject of the game. The majority of the art assets are used from FnrrfYgmSchnish's sprite pack as a starting template.

Game is intended for ages 13 and up. No graphic nudity, but some subject matter may not be ideal for younger players.
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