global WARming

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global WARming

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Libturds getting you down? What about that air conditioner? Is it farting out on you? Well, the problem is probably global warming. And you can't blame it on God's Country on God's Planet. No. It's that hellish Sun. Only the fastest gun in the world can do something about it, and there's a whole slew of snowflakes trying to stop him.

As Giz, it's your quest to hijack a spaceship and incite George W. Bush's War on Global Warming.

Arrows: sliming Move
W: Shoot Up
A: Shoot Left
S: Shoot Down
d: Shoot Right
Alt: Switch Item
Spacebar: Use Item

Features: Furries, Harpies, Gondolas, Gnomes, Curvy Chicanas, Trees, Bushes, Cactuses, Turds, Squeezers, Beejers, Fap Fuel, Face sliming, Florida, Blood, Bullets, Biscuits, Burgers, Chicken, Zalads, Fridges, Land Mines, Hearts, Original .OGG Soundtrack, Grass, Sand, Wall (It's a wall). I tried to make round walls, but they're all square.

Disclaimer: This game is NSWF. Play at your own risk. I left in the debug keys so you can slow gameplay down to your comfortable/beatable level. (debug keys for framerate are CTRL +/CTRL -). Quick Save/Load don't work right. Sorry.
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