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Video Goose

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In the summer of 1985, a movie about four friends battling the paranormal was released to surprising box-office success. With the cost of home videos still high, the only option those had to rewatch this movie was through video rental. In the fall, the movie, Ghost Fighters was released on VHS to an incredibly high demand. Big corporate rental stores got the majority of the copies, leaving very little opportunity for the independent shops to serve their customers and leave lasting impressions...

Join Louis the Goose, in his untold origin story where he works at a promising video store, learning to make friends, follow rules and do a good job in this traditionally inspired point and click adventure game.

Created by Red Triangle Games & Eponym

Featuring the voice talents of Glow, Idontknow, Aladora Rose, Artimus Bena and RMZ.

Created for the 2021 Summer Slam.
Version 1.2
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