Super Walrus Entertainment System

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Super Walrus Entertainment System

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•A free collection of short-form indie games made using the OHRRPGCE engine!
•Additional games will be added in the future and will remain free. Explore a shady arcade and meet a variety of weirdos that change each day of the week.
•Collect up to 26 different toy capsule prizes.
•Talk to clowns, wizards, and gangsters.
•Most importantly, play some games!

Burpin' Bros (2020) - A Bubble Bobble parody where two gassy tough guys fight for freedom while eating all the eggs, donuts, and onion rings their stomachs can handle.

Ghost's Towns (2015) - Ghost's Towns is a short-form surreal puzzle game set in a world of sad monsters and suspicious strangers. You awaken in a mysterious town with no identity, no bearings, and an alien body. Ten trials await; complete the trials and find a truth.

Bufanda: A Tale of Three Ghosts (2011) - It's New Year's Eve and your quiet life is about to be shattered as strange beings of another world begin to leak into your own. This game is a short-form text adventure with six different endings dependent on choices you make.

Horse Game (2010) - In this game you must find the horse. Hello! I am your host. I watch you as you play the Horse Game and make sure you do not get out of control. You will explore mazes and solve puzzles in pursuit of a wonderful horse. Can you find the horse?? Time will tell.
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