Eeeeethical Hacking

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Eeeeethical Hacking

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Eeee is quite the character. He's very intelligent and a computer whiz, but he mostly uses that ability for pointless tasks, such as hacking into his favorite local restaurant to find tommorrow's soup of the day.

However, one day a hack to make some wholesome, feel-good prank calls to cheer up little old ladies sends the hacker on a quest where his skills will truly be put to the test. Fight your way through eight action packed adventures to stop the evil Mandala Medical Group and their dastardly schemes!

Game by Idontknow, Ravancloak and Hedera Helix

Special thanks to Spoonweaver, Fenrir-Lunaris, Foxley and the Phone Losers of America
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Fight the perils of the internet
Fight the perils of the internet
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Revolutionary animated battle sprites
Revolutionary animated battle sprites
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