Forget-me-Not Review

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Forget-me-Not Review

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This game was entered into the 2020 Heart of the OHR contest, where it won 6th Place.

Forget-me-Not is a beautiful game that looks like it came out of another engine entirely. Highly reminiscent of the more artsy Yume Nikki-likes out there - Ib in particular comes to mind - there's a lot of terrific sprite art to soak in, and a quirky little narrative to go along with it. For as little screentime as he got, I found the flower-headed character quite enjoyable. A real two-faced devilish charmer, he was. The UI is also completely hand-made and it fits like a glove, with particular care going into the gradient-colored letters and unique text boxes.

The game itself is a simple exploration-driven adventure game, where you must track down key items to open up new areas. Observation is key to picking up on clues in dialogue and the environment. On the whole, it's a fun, puzzling game that ends way, WAY too quickly! And just when I was starting to get engrossed with the narrative! It all ends so abruptly. But I can't say I didn't enjoy my fleeting moments with this adventure. I sincerely hope Prifurin builds on top of this framework for an even better experience next time.

Time Invested: 0 Hours, 22 Minutes
Rating: 7/10
GOLDEN CHOCOLATE: A powerful but short-lived flavor that left me begging for more.
GOLDEN CHOCOLATE: A powerful but short-lived flavor that left me begging for more.
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