Modifying Hit Stat with Attacks?

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Modifying Hit Stat with Attacks?

Post by Eonhetwo »

I have been experimenting with as many variables as I know how to change, but for some reason I cannot get the attack I'm making to modify my heros' number of hits.

I'm setting the target stat in the damage settings to Hits, and everything else I've modified greatly, to no avail. I make it heal, hurt, big numbers, small numbers.. what am I doing wrong?

For further context, this attack is a self targeted attack, and my current hero hit stat is naturally 0.


Ah, found the culprit. The Damage Bitset "allow cure to exceed maximum" had to be checked! *Forehead slap*

I'll leave the question here anyways in case anyone else ever runs into this conundrum.
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Post by TMC »

"Allow cure to exceed maximum" and especially "Cure" are pretty important settings. The way lots of settings are put in the bitsets menus instead of organised by category and basic/advanced is pretty unfortunate, and I want to change it some day.
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