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Blue World 
 PostSun Sep 06, 2020 1:24 pm
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blue world0000.png
You "punch" with a hammer?
This is a review of Blue World.

I saw a new game so I decided to give it a try.

The presentation style is nice to look at. I love its high contrast white on black and I'd describe all the sprites as competently drawn. The player character having a color (blue) helps him easily stand out from the rest of the objects.

The game's English translation is competent, but incomplete. I don't mind my hammer being called "Martillo" because that's still a cool word and I'm familiar enough with shared roots of weapon names that it was obvious to me at a glance. The item's description is still in Spanish.

Gameplay is where this falls apart. The battle backdrop is an animated eyeball looking from side to side, which because it's drawn in the same two colors as the enemies, looks like a moving enemy itself. This serves as nothing but a distraction - a completely featureless black backdrop for combat would've been better.

The game's "combat manual" in the main character's house tells you that you only start with the ability to punch and that healing herbs only work outside of battle. It doesn't tell you that you have a healing spell which only works inside of battle. My first random encounter left me with 8 HP, I checked the spells menu out of battle, found a healing spell that doesn't work out of combat, and as I had no herbs in my inventory I went and fought another random encounter only to get killed before I could select my healing spell.

The game doesn't have combat depth so there's really not a lot for it to explain, and what little could have used some explicit explanation didn't get it.

The game uses standard active-time combat. The hero is too slow for a game with only one player character and active-time combat. When you have four heroes in active time, varying their speeds in a range like 6-18 or 10-20 makes sense, but when you've only got one hero there's no good reason to give him a slow-filling ready meter (giving him or enemies too fast-filling of an ATB is why I recommend avoiding speeds higher than 30 in any case whatsoever).

There's also the weird way Blue Boy looks in combat. His face looks alright, but I can't parse his body and limbs. Is his combat sprite cut off at the ribcage? Is he a crawling baby? Does he have chibi proportions and a long gown type of outfit? I honestly can't tell.

In short: Interesting visual presentation and atmosphere, but not worth playing as a game in its current state.
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 PostSun Sep 06, 2020 6:26 pm
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Thanks for the feedback. I fixed somethings fails
Grin Smile
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