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Slime Knight
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Rue's Review of Christmas Stars 
 PostThu May 14, 2020 11:37 pm
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Eh, no different than any other year.
This star in particular needs to die.
This owl is the best character.
This is a review of Christmas Stars.

Christmas Stars has been described as "cute". I think that's pretty apt, but after getting the 'true' ending, I felt it was a bit melancholy as well.

A little star fish leaves his world and learns the true meaning of Christmas. huh. I guess that's the game, right? It has cute visuals, a simple soundtrack, a sweet little story and even some weirdness to keep the player interested.

I think my only complaint really is one unusual fight sequence using the OHRRPGCE's default battle engine that seemed unnecessary. It's sort of jarring. Oh, and early in the game, the map design is confusing, specifically on the way to the tree.

This is the kind of game that could receive tiny updates some day, perhaps around Christmas, and could remind us of home on the holidays.
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