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Liquid Metal Slime
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 PostTue Jul 30, 2019 4:15 am
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There's a couple other instances of this crazy moon talk. It's not even cool when native English speakers talk like this.
The two black minions of the bad guy have social commentary that's basically out of place with how poignant it is. Actual wit doesn't fit the game's theme at all.
Took me a while to figure out if this was supposed to be pro-Trump or anti-Trump. Figured it out when I came back later and this guy did get vored.
One of the funniest jokes in the game. If this doesn't amuse you, don't bother playing the rest of it.
This is a review of Cretinary Adventure.

Mircea uploaded a whole bunch of games, which I decided to look at because I wanted to see vore and NSFW content. Of those games this one is by far my favorite.

Sub-par but at least it's easy. I usually fought each random enemy one time legit, then used F7 each time it came up afterward. Owteezm has some healing spells, buffing spells, and debuffing spells. The healing spell can't be aimed at a specific hero in battle, making "Some Idiot" a net detriment to the gameplay, quite intentionally (his only attack is to hit himself on the head with a rock...which slightly heals him rather than hurting him).

Vikings of Midgard sprites with ugly palettes, badly tiled maps (though no worse than the other games put up around the same time, and much more readable than the indoor areas in many of them), minor pixel edits in some cases, and I think a dildo from one of Fenrir's porn games?

Minor annoyances:
Lots of times there are doors that lead to themselves, serving no purpose but to lock control for a second and fade in/out when passing through what should be a simple pass-through tile indoors. This is worst with the monastery's staircase, but honestly it's way more annoying in the other games uploaded alongside it.

After a certain point, the NPC who serves as the sole shop and inn decides to simply refuse service, but there are still random battles in the last couple maps. The joke that he's on break should have had him switch to just the inn function.

Items declared to be "crosses" are marked with a horned helmet icon and those marked "slippers" use a hat icon, seemingly for no reason other than being too lazy to change the font characters from the default. If this was an intentional joke, it falls flat.

The humor:
This game has a few jokes, some of which land more often than not
    Religion in general and Christianity in particular is stupid and all priests are perverse
    Owteezm is especially stupid, incompetent, and perverse
    His friend Some Idiot is even more stupid
    All forms of capitalism and free enterprise are evil
    Somehow industry and industry alone is responsible for global warming, and industrial cattle farming doesn't count because it's not a car or a factory with a big spooky smokestack
    Furries are gross and perverse drama queens
    The guy who claims he isn't Cthulhu is actually Cthulhu

Of these, the jokes at the expense of the main characters and the furry fandom tend to be the funniest, in part because they're the only ones where the author comes across as informed on the issues. The rest comes across as a 14 year old's attempts to be edgy which, not knowing how old our foxy scat vore friend is or how long this game's been sitting on his computer, it very well might be.
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