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 PostFri Apr 05, 2019 10:42 am
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I love fennecs. They're like if someone shrunk a fox down to cat size, made their primary method of communication angry/excited screaming and pumped them full of caffeine and amphetamines. So when I heard that Idontknow himself was entering the contest with a game about the little "skremfoxes", I knew right away I was in for a treat.

Graphically this game's probably Idontknow's best one to date, and includes silly Walthrus-inspired backgrounds and all. This is another one of those games that uses the default OHR battle engine, and there's nothing wrong with that. Super Concentration Headache Battle Champion (I have forgotten the name, forgive me Moogle) used the default, and it showed just how crazy you could get with it. FENNECS starts with the premise that your party isn't comprised of dedicated fighters, magic users, rogues, or any of the standard fantasy trope heroes. It's comprised of what would normally be NPCs - book binders, nurses, carpenters, cheese makers, shipwrights, grumpy old senior citizens that yell at kids to get off of their lawn, and so on. What makes each fennec useful is that they all have a unique utility power of some sort that allows the player to solve the various puzzle based challenges that crop up in the battles. And if a fennec falls in battle?...

They're replaced with a brand new, RANDOM fennec. They're pretty much exactly like Prinnies, except with more tiny fox screaming.

Overall 7 / 10

The game's about an hour-long, tops - any longer and it'd probably wear out its welcome and the joke wouldn't be as funny anymore. Healing items are plentiful, save points are frequent enough, and only a few enemies really give you a run for your money. If you're having trouble with a certain part, you can try "Rerolling" your party selection by letting some of the less useful party members fall off and potentially end up with a better unit. This was ALSO one of the few entries that made me laugh out loud at certain parts - especially the joke about crowdfunding towards the end.
To friends long gone, and those I've yet to meet - thank you.
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 PostFri Apr 05, 2019 11:06 am
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Sadly there was nothing to steal back here.

I'm not sure what the title means, but there's six collectible party members in the game?

First off, this is a Fenicks game, and that means you're in for a level of pixelwork that's absolutely TOP NOTCH. Even if the rest of the game was an awful trainwreck, the graphics alone are amazing and worth studying. Excellent color choices and compositions all around! But how does it play?

This isn't a terrible game. I wouldn't even say it's a ridiculous game. In fact, this stands up with his other more recent games like WitchX and Labyrinthium - and I've come to suspect they all share the same overall world-setting. This generally means you'll be playing as and running across radically flamboyant characters with their own natural built-in feather boas (and harpies!). True to past games that take place in the "Verdi-verse", there's abilities, equipment, and enemies whose names.. well I'm not sure how to pronounce most of them to be honest. This game kicks things up a notch by RANDOMIZING the enemy names even, so the only distinguishing things about them are their appearance, and their attacks. It's a great gimmick, and the game's characters even have a few witty lines about how "that's not really better than just calling all the enemies VILE".

Every time you gain a new character in your party, you're usually given some ability that seems to expand your information about the world, and how the changes in it affect the enemies themselves. Monsters seem to grow and weaken in strength, and have different abilities depending on the various environmental effects throughout the game. For the most part nothing's too difficult to deal with, except for one particular zone that really REALLY points you to an obvious solution - and if you ignore it you'll pay for it. By and large, you're navigating rooms trying to dodge enemies when the environment has boosted them, and waiting for conditions to change so that they might weaken and become less of a hassle. It's a good system, though I found myself headscratching more than a few times over what EXACTLY the game's numerous information-heavy outputs were telling me.

Overall 8 / 10

Though this game doesn't have an ENDING, it does come to a conclusion - and leaves you wanting more. Good puzzles, good battle mechanics, excellent graphics and sound selection all around. The after battle results screen is SO SATISFYING to watch too. The only real downsides as far as this contest goes was that it was pretty "dry" as far as the humor goes. Aside from a few sparse jokes and situations, this is a rather serious game that feels like the first act in a much longer game. And I want to see MORE.
To friends long gone, and those I've yet to meet - thank you.
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 PostFri Apr 05, 2019 12:00 pm
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I regret nothing.

It finally happened. Charbile's looked into the bottomless well of fan fiction and cracked.

And the result MIGHT be the single biggest and best game to come out of the multiple game spanning "meta plot" that My Little Gahn kicked off. Ostensibly, this might be considered a "sequel" to Spooks and Summons, which followed War on Xmas, which followed No More Villains, which came off the heels of My Little Gahn, and was inspired by the "Final" Terrible Games Contest "introduction". And just like a certain famous anime/manga, each game could be considered a different season with a constantly rotating cast of characters dealing with situations and events that sprung up in prior seasons. It's a shame that it's incomplete, but the bare bones are in place for something that's going to absolutely force whoever writes the next game in the "series" to REALLY step up their "A-Game".

Just kidding, it's a game about a bunch of OHR Furry Waifus dressed up in Maid outfits performing house chores to train in under a month to defeat a Rule-63'd version of Gahn before she can unleash the true power of her Punch-Ghost.

(Gizmog's reaction, I'm assuming)

See when Char announces a new game, you never know what to expect going into it. My first impressions seeing leaked sprites and concept artwork was that he might be making some kind of puzzle game, like Panel de Pon. Someone should start up a betting pool the next time he enters, because I was WAY off the mark here. Essentially this is a game with TWO parts, and they're both interconnected. As far as the actual HUMOR of the game - this is the one that's actually had me laughing the most out of all the entries so far. The joke that Mi'La is a total "female dog" is alive and well for Sword of Jade fans.

Firstly we have to talk about the battle mechanics - they're like a more fleshed out version of OHR House Battle Royale, but condensed down to a mere three characters. Each one has specific roles and different combat prowess, but you'll have to switch between them and conserve your skills and abilities over time. As of this writing, it's not complete - there's only one battle to fight through, and Char's left the later abilities in for bugtesting purposes, but it's a FUN system. Everything's amazingly well animated, and the action is quick, snappy, and scratches that strategy itch quite well. Based off what I've seen and if I were to wager a guess, the battles will only reward money and possibly equipment or consumable items. Neither is currently implemented.

Secondly, there's the house mechanics - the three characters you control all have different tasks they can be assigned throughout the day from cleaning, washing laundry, shopping, cooking, fighting slimes in the basement/dungeons, and resting to recover expended HP. Performing chores slowly depletes a character's HP, and eventually they'll have to rest - but there's also a chance they'll "level up" in a skill, and possibly learn new combat abilities or receive more uses or an improved effectiveness of aforementioned abilities. There's also level-gated "scenes" to go through that may unlock new abilities and expanded character interactions. Unfortunately there's a LOT missing here - aside from the overwhelming majority of scenes in the game having no background, the actual mechanics of the housekeeping scenario are incomplete. Presumably, money you'd acquire during the dungeon exploration would be spent by whoever's shopping to buy food - which would then be cooked, perhaps providing further stat buffs or possibly increased experience gain. Right now we just DON'T know how it'll work in the finished version, though I'm curious just HOW LONG three adult furries can go without eating. It's clear that this part is where the bulk of the game's "meat" is, but it's a shame that most of it's not quite on the menu...

But what's here WORKS. It's funny, takes itself only as seriously as it needs to, and isn't afraid to take chances. The main problem holding this game back is the fact that it's in a very VERY unpolished state. I mean, that's usual par for the course with contest games anyway, but in this case it actually hurts.

Overall 8 / 10

I should probably end this by saying that this game is a little.. lewd? That's probably putting it a bit mildly, but this is definitely a game that's catering to a VERY particular demographic of the OHR community.

To friends long gone, and those I've yet to meet - thank you.
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 PostSat Apr 06, 2019 3:56 am
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It's that sort of game.
Most the map design is like this. Not sure how to get around it when you're using tiles a third the height of the screen, though.
A Good Roll
Review time!

Do you like rock paper scissors? If so, sure, this is for you.
In this, you're some sort of shadow/puppet thing, who seems to be mute - not that this matters a huge amount, as all the text in this is even more inane than it was in Camonile Tea. All you can do is play Rock Paper Scissors against random/fixed encounters.
It certainly fits the theme, and it's an interesting method of combat for the OHR... but apparently one of the enemy attack AIs involves seeing what you chose and choosing something which trumps it, which is incredibly rude.

Apparently the OHR has had a lot of mousey characters over the years. This collects them all and has them either as party members or random enemies, setting them all inside some inn whose owner has had more than enough of these freeloading, abnormally powerful critters. The maps are mostly composed of tiles blown up to 4 times their original height and width, which sells the rodenty thing pretty well.
There's some interesting stuff going on. There's a big cast you can make a party out of, each differing from one another and a good chunk of who are hidden away to varying degrees. You can get the Grand Zark in this, which I can always appreciate. Stat boosting items are common and also heal you [ a measely 1HP, which isn't quite as bad as that sounds]. Physical attacks also auto-target, which has pluses and minuses.
With that said, though, it's also a game made by Nathan Karr. It dumps mounds of text on you in lieu of actual cutscenes, it keeps stats as close to single digits as possible, and it is incredibly slow. I cannot stress that point enough. 5 seconds may not be that long a period of time in any other circumstance, but it's hugely long when it involves waiting for a bar to slowly go up. I'm pretty sure the last battle [against a party of 1st level adventurers] took upwards of 8 minutes, and most of that was thanks to that bars going up as slow as possible. It also features annoying MIDI-derived music that I muted really quickly.
It certainly is a Nathan Karr game, that's for sure.


It's a concept so white-hot tmc had to throw in a new bitset just to make it work - two players, each controlling two heroes, and duking it out to see which side isn't left a bloody mess. Its sheer basis conceptually is helped by its grungy graphical treatment, so even if the classes are unbalanced as all hell, it doesn't really matter a huge amount, especially here.
...I don't have a huge amount to say on this, sorry.


[You get a bunch of fennecs that cycle out whenever they lose all their HP, each with a different job. The joke is that these are all decidedly non-RPG jobs - carpenters, baristas, old men - and are only fighting these random encounters because the king doesn't have an actual army. It's neat]

Hati's Bizarre Adventure

It's a Charbile game, which means you're in for something.
Here, Hati goes on an errand to a certain fox's flowershop and immediately gets roped into being a maid, alongside the fey spirit that booted out the original summon Hati tried and a SoJ girl. You have a month[?] to get the three of them in shape for a special guest, which involves giving them chores [cleaning, doing laundry, training against slimes in the dungeon - you know, usual maid stuff]. Each day is divided into three segments, so you get 9 potential tasks done in a day [minus any resting you have to let them do]; most of these can't overlap, so it's a case of making sure dust or dirty clothes don't pile up while you take care of other stuff. Sometimes, upon doing these tasks, each of them levels up, raising their skill in that chore. Some stuff seems a *bit* busted - the food you have quickly goes to None no matter what you do, for one - but it's a neat sim thing.
Then it becomes night, and HBA reveals its second side. It's also a dungeon crawler.
What's here doesn't have much actual content to it yet - it's a singular battle and somewhere to get free money - the single battle is serious, D&D-emulating stuff. You get proper RPG-feeling animations [none of this default 3-frame stuff], various skills to play around with, dice rolls - everything. It's great, even if in the current context there's nothing to gain from doing it in the greater context of the game.
Oh yeah, and even with all the placeholder stuff, it's still one of the most polished-feeling OHR games there. The music even changes halfway through the time limit, which is fantastic and a thing that's very much worth copying. I'll most likely be coming back here when it's done.

6 Curses

And here I am with the driest, most conventional game of the bunch.
This started out as a remake of Last Armageddon, and I'm going to say it's still one, if you squint very hard. As-is, though, 6 Curses is mostly me making the most self-indulgent game I can muster.
A playable cast composed almost entirely of monstergirls, none of who are dressed that well? Check. A degree of graphics way in excess of what a monthlong game really should be displaying? Check. Increasingly superfluous mechanics? Check. I'm surprised I didn't end up breaking the door out of the starting area, since that's definitely something I've done in the past.
This took a while to actually come together. I was cranking out graphics, maps and other mechanics throughout, but it wasn't until the last week that I actually got the on-field enemies in and working as intended, and the last weekend was spent getting all the events done up before the deadline ran out. It managed to get together by the deadline, which I'm happy with, even if some of the scenes ended up being a bit different/less animated than originally intended.
I'll probably come back to this at some point - the vast majority of systems are done, after all, and from here it's just making Content/whatever other dumb systems I want to throw in - but it'll be a bit before that happens. I have my other projects to work on, as well as client stuff which'll suck up my capacity for drawing up masses of graphics.

But yeah, this has been a pretty good showing. I've put in my votes already, so no need to show 'em here.
 PostSat Apr 06, 2019 5:35 pm
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So, finally I did it through all contest submissions I hope. Quite sorry for not completing some of them till the end, but, sure, it was a great experience to achieve.

Design: Rough-tough, kinda resembles feeling of ye old games, few moments attracted my attention like crowd background literally made out of people(though battlefield seems incredibly hollow).
Weirdness: Around-level, it looks promising much more of content for exposed amount, some things put me into feeling of less-understanding, like afterbattle screen.
Gameplay: Is it worth playing alone? Thirsting for Mortal Comat-ish story format, sure. "Real enemy" is tough, though.
Overall: "Beating guts out of you"

I feel so miserable not being able to comlete it, though, I have to say I achieved point of elimination of Alex the priest(never thought before people could look so nasty, sure).
Design: Dithered, dithered everywhere! But it feels good, though, just like ye old games, huh. Music is the golden point of OHR MIDI tradition there, makes it feel perfect along with other parts.
Weirdness: Higher level, immeh paranoid mice fighting for ye existence. And why other rodents are so cruel? Their appearance look diabolic, sure.
Gameplay: So tough! It's really hard to get through all evil circumstances, feel for ya, Beefzok.
I liked the unbelievable dose of references here, especially Diskworld one and "Hey, Jude!"
Overall: "Mice, revolte!"

Aah, sure, the only one game I completed through, that was awesome! EEEEEE!, as it been said.
Design: Good portion of Fennecs is good for ya! The music fits excellent, it gives pretty relaxing vibe, making your playthrough as enjoyable as possible, along with stylish speech sounds.
Weirdness: Thumb-level, mixed fantasy reality and real phantasm.
Gameplay: Occasionaly surprised me, being so nice to player so your party fills with new recruits after every fallen one, that's a bit sad, but shows real spirit of protecc Fennecs!
Overall: "EEEEEE!"

6 Curses:
Thats a big game, please, forgive for not completing it, but it feels supra well-polished! HUDs doing their work, battles go with tension and story makes you love characters already, at least interest their further fate.
Design: Graphics go along swimmingly, sure. Levels are neaty-planned and different mechanics blow up your mind!
Weirdness: Low-level, maybe I didn't go deep enough? It's good as RPG, ridiculoucity measures in something else here, it exists despite anything anyway.
Gameplay: Complicated, for true gamers to whom I can't draw immeh, lovely touch with lots'a little details.
Overall: " "Rewards screen is satisfying, tho" "

Hati's Bizzare Adventure:
Amaizing level of design solution could be seen from any point looking here - moving, sparkling, flashing and doing things every OHR developer knows are close to impossible request. Also, neverending JoJo refs and humour much familiar than you could expect, huh.
Design: A miracle out of nothing, low res x tricks making your reception approve it's wholesomity, sure.
Weirdness: Furry-level, that should be a compliment I suppose, making you feel for story and characters with unique personalities there. All's going as usual, but, oops, another cool turn arrives.
Gameplay: Structured trainig sim's here, I'm not sure being good with these, but it hook me till the point of day 32/31 where I started getting a little suspicious, heh.
Overall: "Battle maids go nuts!"

Praises for all contest participants this year, hoping seeing it growing and improving in the future, this time was qenuine ridiculous, sure!
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 PostSun Apr 07, 2019 2:32 am
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I'll need some numerical scores for the games too, Chalk. You can PM them to me if you want.
Hoes mad (x24)
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 PostSun Apr 07, 2019 8:46 pm
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2 Round

I had a chance to discuss the game with Chalk Flower. Many secrets were revealed.

The rock paper scissor battles are extremely difficult. You can gain levels, but even looking at the scripts, it's hard to make out exactly how. But you do. Chalk's genre definitely falls into abstract retro with a dash of fan game. Here the fan game is about an existential nightmare comic about a puppet.

The real fun of a Chalk game is in figuring out what is going on though. HERE GOES (my theory, not endorsed by the author)

The wanderer is a puppet with 'soulless' eyes who falls into this... place. It's all metaphor, naturally, and not to be taken at face value. You, the wanderer, are actually a puppet or manifestation of some... concept of duality where uh... you see, I think the real character is actually expressed through the various NPCs you encounter, or parts of a shattered soul that the puppet lacks. There's also a potential layer of it being fragments of the author's psyche. One NPC is singing a song about how you are not a boi but a man. Another is "Bunny girl, bunny girl, make me swirl, make me curl!" which is actually incredibly suggestive if you are five levels in on the meta narrative. The enemies you fight are random things the conscious mind, or soul, has encountered, mundane things like a dog or milk. You must defeat these with a game of chance that is maddening and that will drive your own soul out of your puppet body, that kind of duality.

There's a clever fake-out after confronting a pseudo final boss, a clown, naturally, where you are told you died, but you're already a puppet and have no soul, so when the load menu pops up, you must cancel. Here's where it all comes together. Over the course of your journey, you encounter blue NPCs who give you letters that is a password to an included zip file that has the backstory about how you didn't wear a helmet while riding your bike. All metaphor for you having fun "But every fun will e n d, eventually" and all your 'crimes return to punishment', thus explaining the battles as punishment. The final boss is literally ms paint, as in miss paint personified as a cmyk out of alignment (fragmented) girl who you have to.... take a receipt every time you attack her i dont know what the gem does god help me i'm so lost.

But what's this? A charbiele in front of a house titled G****G L. H. Gizmog's lovely home! A prophecy of future events yet to come. Will Gizmog have a lovely home game, and will Charbile show up? I suppose we will have to wait and see if it comes true.



The music goes perfectly with the crowd and setting and it all comes together for a great vibe. 2 player game, we were given ample warning and knew it was crazy, but here it is. This exists. Has anyone tried it with 2 players? Does anyone here have these friend things I've heard about? The balance and design actually seems to be pretty solid. I'm curious if anyone's figured out the meta. So far I think it's to go double barbarian and use the items first thing.

It's actually kind of exciting to think about. We're one step closer to having multiplayer support in the ohrrpgce. All those mmo dream games people seemed to have 10 years ago might finally have a chance and Squarenix and Sony will pay them lots of money and publish their work. Almost there.



I have to be upfront about secret 'fox club things'. You see, fennecs are looked down upon. Obnoxious little things. Smug faces, that cute front they put on. Usually if you see a fennec in the internet wild, there's a good chance they're full of themselves and desperate for attention. Or so i've been told by fellow chums in the club. Them and dragons. You can be anything you want to be online, and you chose to be a final boss powerful end game creature of unlimited magic and ancient importance? So humble. Fennecs are like this in other ways. But don't tell anyone: I'm cool with both.

I actually love this concept where every time one of your characters dies, it's replaced with random characters. The setup here is great. UNTIL i see that 'the COOL S' save point. You had to go there. I've watched a youtube trying to figure out the origin of this 'S' but I still don't get why everyone wanted to draw it. But there it is. Of course it'd have to be in a game called Fennecs.

Here's some random OHR lore: Catman had a T on his shirt just like Tommy. Maybe the twist is they both stand for the same thing: T-shirt.

The backgrounds, the single fixation, it's magical. This guy gets the ohr. The swamp map is pretty neat visually, first i've seen this setting and lily pad road in an ohr game. Wanted to play through that party at the end. The end song is classic ohr. The only question I really have is what's the deal with the thumb?? Please don't tell me it's a thumb war joke. The invading the castle part has a good feel to it, was fun, wolf and all.



It was a good send off to Beefzok. Sad thing is, I remember some of these characters, not all of them. I remember Jude being ugly. There, I said it. Usually ugly is fine when it's 'character', but here's some additional tier two knowledge: whenever you put human hair of a different color than a furry character's natural fur color, you are entering the artistic DANGER ZONE and have to tread very carefully.

Game does seem rough at the start, but once you realize the rooms only look big and you can swap out characters when they die, it's easy to make it to the free saves/rest. Game has a lot of charm, I like the little details. Has a very Redwall feel. I actually didn't catch the joke about the snake until Jude made a comment about it, so I think he's really the one with the dirty thoughts. You'd think I really have it out for Jude but I don't. The sugar enemy who runs away but if you manage to kill him, you get a lot of exp. Feels classic. I think the big area for improvement would be to understand in rpgs the concept of safe areas and danger areas, so there's parts where you feel like you can explore and talk to NPCs, and parts where you have to keep track of HP and make decisions on which path to take or to head back. Here it's mixed together throughout.

Lots of characters, wandered around a lot to buy the best equipment and to figure out how to get Catnip. He's my mouse, love his dialogue. Still looking for Bob and the not-James hamster girl. I'm assuming they're after the boulder? How do you move it? I bought the hammer but nobody will equip it!

My final active party was Nathan, Rice, Grand Zark, Catnip. Giving Catnip the exacto blade. The items that buff def, might, and speed make it a breeze. Cheese is more powerful than the basic healing.

Tier list
S Rank: Rice, anyone with exacto blade
A Rank: everyone else

I'm a sucker for the endings that go through all the heroes epilogues. Is great stuff. I had a wonderful time.


6 Curses

Animation is great, so many frames, fluid. I like how the text box for getting items expands out, may have to borrow that. Not to mention the victory item box expanding out too. Everything's so polished. Feenicks, why are you still messing around with these contests? So much talent. The mini-map is smart, seems relatively easy to do. You could one-for-one the current position pixel to the current tile, which I assume is how it works.

All these attack options and just plowing through viles. The vibe is quite interesting here. It's a monster people fantasy city, but also witches. So bad guy town, but good guys. I see the witch has cat ears. Bath house as the inn is a nice touch. Can't talk to NPCs a second time? And now I actually have to pay attention to what attacks do. Lots of options. Ruby a cutie.

My expectations from what I heard before playing were kind of off. I was expecting things to get wacky with overlays and user interface stuff popping up all over the screen, most of it being nonsense. If I had a toggle in a real game to have Ruby sitting on my UI, well yeah, I'd toggle it on. There's lots of neat scripting and ideas here. The elevator shows off even more things you can do if you learn to use maptile layers as slices. Feenicks is a smart cookie.

The party dynamics are fun, a solid bunch. Harpies and their excuses, oh boy. Fun scene. I can say this about every Feenicks game, but would play again once it's finished and fleshed out. My only real complaint is the battles are kind of rough in that it takes time figuring out what does what to what and what what. You know what I mean?

 PostTue Apr 23, 2019 4:30 am
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fennecs :3
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 PostTue Apr 23, 2019 7:14 pm
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Feniks Felstorm wrote:
fennecs :3

How much out of ten?
In the past, I apologized when I was in the right because I was afraid of peer pressure. For this, I apologize.

I must be cruel, but to be kind; that bad may begin, and worse be left behind.
-Prince Hamlet of Denmark
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 PostWed Apr 24, 2019 6:35 am
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To friends long gone, and those I've yet to meet - thank you.
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 PostFri Jun 21, 2019 11:31 pm
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Slimes and slimettes, the contest results for the 2019 Ridiculous Games Contest are finally in -
To friends long gone, and those I've yet to meet - thank you.
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 PostSat Jun 22, 2019 9:27 pm
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Goddamnit charbile, that's some good stuff

I feel obligated to actually finish 6 Curses at some point now
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