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Dreamwalkers review 
 PostSun Jan 27, 2019 8:33 pm
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No really, the graphics are VERY nice
This is a review of Dreamwalkers.rpg (DEMO).

Dreamwalkers is a good looking game, albeit short. I found the story interesting, I like urban fantasy kind of stuff in general. The school in the beginning was really big and pointlessly huge, and full of clones of the same teenagers who wander in place and say nothing. Not even a cheesy “oh man that math test was hard” line. I found how the second party member joins the MC's dream kind of odd and a case of “happens for the sake of convenience”, but I'm the guy who made YNAH so I'm not one to talk. Hurr

Graphics are this game's definite strong point, the kids, monsters, and maps are well done. I could play a whole game of this easily. The monster design is pretty good. Battles are fast and don't drag on. The only thing that I didn't like once I got to the dream world was the dearth of item designs. Also the game is waaay too short for me to get a really good feel for the game…

Nonetheless it wasn't total crap and had some effort put into it, and I hope the dev continues on with it.
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