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Asphodelus ver 0.1 review 
 PostSun Jan 27, 2019 8:04 pm
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Playing Yume Nikki a decade ago was a very formative experience for my artistic career. Or something. Basically, the game evoked some really special feelings of my youth. When I saw there was a OHR Yume Nikki-like game I was really excited. However, this game is only sort of… ok?

I understand this game was supposed to be a Yume Nikki fangame, but it feels like a lot of the Yume Nikki flavor was more phoned in on the surface. When I went in the first door and saw maps with drawings I was instantly excited. While this game looks like Yume Nikki, it doesn't hit the same vibes Yume did for me back in the day. The game presents a wide variety of settings, but it doesn't really go much deeper than those original doors. A big part of Yume Nikki was the strange atmosphere of the dream world, the winding and interconnecting paths within it. This game looks and plays like Yume, but it doesn't quite hit the same notes as Yume. Maybe this game is still fairly unfinished, but not having that exploration makes the game feel phoned-in.

Also, why do I need to go into a room to change the sound settings. Come on, man...
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