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MLP: Trixie's Adventure On Rock Farm (review) 
 PostTue Jan 22, 2019 10:17 am
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Argh! A debug room!
Let's try this again...
Exploring the ponies' house.
The trek to the Moonlit Caverns.
Boss fish.
Magma area.
Crystal Cave, but not the one from One Pirate.
I never got the secret item or second ending, but I'm not sure that's how themes work...

My Little Pony: Trixie’s Adventure On The Rock Farm is a game released in 2018 by TheCrimsonDM (Masks: 15 Pages, Hero: Adventure in Animal Kingdom, One Pirate series).

The player controls Trixie, a blue unicorn. She grabs a pick axe and mines some rocks at the behest of another pony named Maud. Maud’s father Ignus sends the two of them to the Moonlit Caverns to retrieve a sapphire. There’s a shop to the south where a useless object is sold as an Antidote (good thing money and resources never become too precious). After retrieving the sapphire, Ignus sends the ponies into a volcanic area to look for someone named Marble who is missing. Marble isn’t in the mine though, so the ponies just fight a boss in leave. Ignus has gone into the Crystal Cave (from One Pirate? I was expecting a reference here but didn’t get it), so now the ponies must follow. Ignus and Marble are being held captive by some purple octopus thing called the Old Smooze. The ponies kill it and return home. The end? A second ending is alluded to, probably having something to do with the locked doors in the basement. I never found a legit way past that, however. Apparently there’s a super weapon for Trixie in there. It took me about 45 minutes to beat this game.

The graphics and music are adequate. Combat is very simple but functional and balanced (perhaps erring on the side of too easy). There are still plenty of errors in the text, but not nearly as many as in some of TheCrimsonDM’s other games. The plot is basically “fetch this item, save this damsel,” and the dialog is mostly the main characters insulting each others’ hair and suchlike. I didn’t find the writing particularly engaging or funny, but it was all so brief that I wasn’t too resentful of the wasted time either.

Trixie’s Adventure On The Rock Farm is a complete, brief, balanced, and mostly painless My Little Pony fan game. It was a little dull and simplistic, but at least it wasn’t frustrating. Perhaps a hardcore fan of the MLP franchise would find more fun in it than I who do not get the references.
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