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Metal King Slime
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 PostThu Jul 23, 2020 2:24 pm
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Actually, I think my last post demonstrated how jumping between a dozen different things resulted in little more than two bugfixes.

I've finished implementing 24-bit colour mode. You can find the Color Depth option in the General Game Settings menu in nightlies. Right now, the only advantage to turning it on is smooooth transparency effects.

It took a lot of work to make screen fades work in 24-bit mode, which is why we didn't add it at the same time as sprite transparency. Really, it's a miraculous how compatible 24-bit mode is with 8-bit mode; I had thought it would be impossible to achieve, and it took some trickery software engineering. However, it's not 100% compatible. For technical reasons, switching a game to 24-bit mode causes the "fade screen in" command to behave slightly differently when used after modifying the master palette ("tweak palette", "load palette", etc): it will do an implicit wait(1).

I also spent a lot of time looking into how to do better lossless compression than embedding .pngs in .rpgs. That can be done, but it's kind of pointless since high quality jpgs blow png out of the water for compression. I give up, I'm just using png for now.

Fine, fine, but what about 24-bit sprites?!

Oh you want crisp?



Can even use the smoothing filter if you want:

Why no, that's not a 960x600 backdrop. Actually it's originally 640x400 scaled up to 960x600 and sharpened.

Do you want to break all limits?
That really starting to use a lot of CPU, though.

Amazing what you can do in a day after spending years laying groundwork.

Not in SVN, not in today's or tomorrow's nightlies. (No, you can not import 24-bit images yet). In fact I have to take a break for a couple days. Enjoy!
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