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Slime Knight
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 PostTue Sep 22, 2020 1:21 pm
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that's what's driving me to revisit the game. i've honestly alternated over the years between wanting to do something more with the game all the way to disowning it (me and Char almost went through with deleting the game from all websites we uploaded it to at one point and walking away), but letting it live in the end, seeing some people's reactions to it, i felt it deserved at least one more update to fix up all the warts it's acquired over the years (can almost say decades at this point; feels weird) from engine/OS changes.

either way whatever happens in terms of funding or scope, I will at -least- be putting it on Steam/itch/etc.. Largely because hardly anyone wants to download games directly from websites anymore. i dislike it but it is what it is. And the changes coming on the MacOS side plus Windows Smartscreen getting more aggressive means even if you get someone to download from a site, the OS itself basically scares people away from running direct downloads. Whenever people ask me for a direct DL link outside of this community I basically just get blank stares when i send them the link. "can you rephrase that in the form of a Steam page?"

i'm still recovering from covid so i haven't even opened the game in custom for a good while. oh well. being the antithesis of proper scheduling is part of this game's identity anyway.

this effort is definitely it though for this game. hence why i'm also making sure it's more easily changeable/moddable. I gotta move on from it permanently at some point.
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