One Pirate: Adventure in the Crystal Cave

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One Pirate: Adventure in the Crystal Cave

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This is a little game I made years ago, it was also my first completed game. I tried to get around to publishing it once or twice but never got around to actually doing it. So here it is.

This is a short little comedy rpg experience lasting about a half hour. The story stars Raiden and Reed, two pirates as they land on the island of the Crystal Cave looking for treasure. They quickly encounter a rival groups of pirates looking for the very same treasure. Hilarity ensues as the two groups clash.

Edit: So I've currently been working on updating this game, almost entirely reworking it into something more presentable.

Edit 2: I've uploaded the second version of the game. Crystalcavev2. There's been a lot of minor bug fixing. The graphics have been changed/improved to something closer to matching my current style. Some of the story has been updated to repair my bad writing from when i was a kid. Finally there's been an extra dungeon added for players who explore a little bit more. As well as a little bonus secret added for if you beat the secret boss and go back to the very first NPC you can encounter.
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