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Red Slime
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 PostSat Feb 16, 2019 8:13 pm
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Aw crap, those are exactly the games that I still haven't touched yet (and Bale). I'll try to play at least 15 minutes and give a quick score of each.
Red Slime
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 PostSun Feb 17, 2019 8:39 am
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Drydocks - 7/10
Clearly a lot of work went into the system and design in the world. With a bit more fleshing out of the mechanics and bugfixing it could easily become something even more exciting.

Bale - 6/10
The game starts off strong with an interesting sci-fi/post-apocalypse setting but meanders towards the end.

False Skies - 7/10
This is a very fleshed out GBC-style demo with a lot of charm

Kaiju Big Battel: Fighto Fantasy - 9/10
One of the rare instances where almost every encounter felt like a fair challenge. Great artstyle with some nice QoL additions; the full version is probably worth the price.

Masks: 15 Pages - 3/10
The game seems to be going for an interesting aesthetic but is harshly marred by very slow, very tedious fights.

My Little Pony: Trixie's Adventure - 4/10
Another newbie game that's a little too similar to the One Pirate games. It was harmless.

Zalag: Glustu - 4/10
Surreal anthology that seemed very confused as to what it was trying to convey. However it was short and the various scenarios were mildly interesting.
Slime Knight
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 PostSun Feb 17, 2019 9:12 am
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Hinterlands 7/10

Really Hard Game 5/10

Kaiju 10/10

Masks 4/10

MLP Trixie's Rock Farm 2/10

Summer Island 4/10

Radical Rolling Revolution 7/10

Zalag 3/10
His expectation is to become a GAMESTAR
Red Slime
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 PostSun Feb 17, 2019 8:59 pm
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Really Hard Game - 8/10
The Newgrounds comic-esque artstyle is great, coupled with a surreal sense of humor that matches its occasionally obtuse puzzles. Also pretty replayable with the various classes.

Rolling Radical Revolution - 8/10
This is a very fleshed out and charming traditional RPG that feels like a return to form from OHR's earlier days, despite the language barrier.

Trytuges - 7/10
Nice, focused satirical rpg with some slight issues in grinding and economy, which isn't such a big deal because the battles had some thought put into them.

You Need A Hero - 6/10
It's as if Earthbound was slightly edgier (and hornier). Again, I liked the humor and colorful characters but a bit buggy in places and especially the latter parts could've done with more editing.
Liquid Metal Slime
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 PostMon Feb 18, 2019 1:00 am
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Bale - Chapter 1: 10/10
I can't think of anything I would change about this game. Astounding from start to finish.

Dark Planet: 7/10
So much attention to detail made the moment to moment gameplay very engaging, but there's an unfortunate lack of content.

Drydocks: 6/10
It's a little all over the place right now, but it's got such great heart.

False Skies: 8/10
Hard to judge everything since it's a demo, and I had some slight issues with the fundamentals of the game, but damn is this a solid game.

Arc War/Skotos: 3/10
The flow tended to be "hold the Use Button to get through battles and until you get to see content again." By that I mean, the battles were not fun and there were so many of them, it just felt like they were separating the good bits.

There are so many other games and I really want to play them all. I'm going to try to play more tonight and get votes in, but I'm really sorry to everyone whose game I didn't get around to in time. I will play them and give you a proper review eventually.
Ps. I love my wife
Red Slime
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 PostMon Feb 18, 2019 7:53 pm
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Hanu in Hell - 2/10
The character graphics are nice and detailed, if a bit derivative of Pokemon. However it's clear this game is still a long way off before completion, let alone a playable demo.

Hinterlands - 7/10
Drags a little in the beginning (reaching Level 2 was a chore) but after that exploring this unique world starts to get fun.
Liquid Metal Slime
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 PostMon Feb 18, 2019 8:21 pm
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Asphodelus: 4/10
I had next to no idea what was going on. Maybe I need to be familiar with Yume Nikki to understand, but it wasn't even clear what things did something and what was decoration.
Ps. I love my wife
Liquid Metal Slime
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 PostMon Feb 18, 2019 8:49 pm
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I thought it weird that I couldn't use this item out of battle, then I noticed my healer had 1 HP at the start of the next fight.
At least your mom gave you the option, unlike a hamster.
Right after I got my hopes up that the dog found a better owner, it turns out that this didn't happen at all. Second-saddest part of the story.
And you talking makes you less of a crow.
I had exactly enough time left to play Birdcaged and play half an hour of False Skies (which was exactly enough to complete the training mission). Don't have half an hour to spend on Px or You Need A Hero and still cast any final votes, and still am not 100% sure if there were any games I missed.

Birdcaged 7/10.
A very solid little game. Most of the bosses killed me once, but the only penalty seemed to be getting sent back to the start at low HP and having to spend a tiny amount at the inn. The character interactions were all really funny, and I love how the screen doesn't scroll because the whole game is a 16x10 map. Almost but never quite died to random enemies a couple of times. I deeply empathize with the fox's desires towards Crowdette.

False Skies 8/10.
Since Dragon Warrior remakes on the GameBoy are how I got into RPGs in the first place, this game hits me in the nostalgia with its presentation being highly reminiscent of Dragon Warrior III. I do feel like I'd probably have been better served with three warriors and a mage rather than one member of each class, at least in the training dungeon, because I only ever used one healing item in the whole trip after being handed a dozen of the things and there was just one enemy that was super resistant to physical abuse but died easily to magic attacks, while usually the mage is spending MP just to hit half as hard as the warrior/equal to the recon character. Recon doesn't seem to be worth much at least so far, so I might even remove my recon character and take a new initial-level warrior.

The game was really fun, and half an hour was exactly how long it took me to finish the training dungeon, watch the following cutscenes, and save again. The lack of music feels a little strange, but I'm going to guess that will be added in at a later time (and hopefully sound like GameBoy chiptunes appropriate to the scifi setting of the game). Looking forward to updates on this one for sure.
Liquid Metal Slime
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 PostMon Feb 18, 2019 9:30 pm
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YNAH: 7/10
Haven't finished it yet, but I've played enough to know this is a solid game with a lot of roughness around the edges. It's entertaining, with tons of funny and engaging dialogue and great music choices.
Ps. I love my wife
Liquid Metal Slime
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 PostMon Feb 18, 2019 10:46 pm
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Px: 8/10
I still don't get it, but it was more clearly exploratory than Asphodelus, so it was at least consistent with itself. The game achieves what it aims to, and looks and sounds good while doing it. I have to give it credit for that.
Ps. I love my wife
Liquid Metal Slime
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 PostMon Feb 18, 2019 11:14 pm
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Not the first place I've seen this joke, but possibly my favorite telling of it.
Can't tell if this is a warning sign about a monster I didn't fight or the neighbors not liking Diana much.
This is what you get for allowing people to unionize.
I ran into a random encounter and kept holding right, finding myself inside of the A E S T H E T I C wall here.
Anyone else ever notice that to make your screenshots appear in the intended order in a thread you have to upload and comment them in the opposite order?
You Need a Hero 7/10.
My quickest and shortest complaints: The battle music is a lot louder than the map musics, and those are noticeably louder than the victory music. The character walkabouts look good enough on the side views but it feels more like their shading is shifting around randomly when they move north or south than that they're taking steps or moving their arms most of the time (and Damien, whose walkabout you see the longest, is a worse offender at this than Freya). I also accidentally ran into at least two places where the wallmap was broken.

The game is pretty fun and straightforward, but still has a lot of rough edges particularly in the graphics that are neither a monster nor a battle backdrop. I do much enjoy eating, wearing, and selling the garbage though.

Px 5/10.
A very confusing game that I can't make sense of. A bunch of characters ask me to math, which even if I was in the mood to try to solve such a complex puzzle I doubt they'd actually say anything different than when I type things like "a lot" and "too many" into the box, since I actually did try to figure out the green man's riddle involving hands and rings. The only thing I succeeded at was getting in a beam struggle with a doughnut and not quite beating him, but lasting long enough that he told me I passed the test.

I don't think I spent a whole 30 minutes on this, but I really didn't feel like I was making any sort of progress anywhere. I also kept reading the fancy-looking floors as walls, but they apparently weren't walls at all.

I'm giving this game a 5 because I really don't know what to make of it or what metric to judge it on.
Liquid Metal Slime
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 PostWed Feb 20, 2019 10:53 pm
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I haven't announced the closure of votes yet because I'm still putting together the videos and charts for the final results, and until I have those finished, I don't think it's unreasonable to let completionist voters get in any vote they're still missing.

That said, voting is closed.

But until I announce that the results are ready, you can still trickle in your unvoted if you have already begun to vote. If you haven't yet cast a vote, voting is closed. It's been two months.

I hope to have the results ready this weekend.

I hope.

There are a lot of games this year.
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Liquid Metal King Slime
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 PostThu Feb 28, 2019 4:41 am
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Liquid Metal Slime
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 PostThu Feb 28, 2019 5:43 am
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I know, I know. Results are coming soon. I'm nearly finished with the postmortem article and results chart. It's those dang videos that are taking forever.

Here are a few nuggets to tide you over until I'm finished with everything:

Total Voters: 13
Most Votes To a Single Game: 12 (two games)
Sets of Ties: 2
Three-way Ties: 1
2018 Contest Average Score: 5.63
Total Votes Cast: 200
Most Generous Voter: Kylekrack
Contest Winner: Coming Soon

And for those of you who want to play guessing games, here are the achievement awards for one of this year's 21 games. Can you figure out which game earned them?

Waist Level 3rd Place,
Obscurest Fan Game,
Fun with Birds,
Screw the WASD,
Winner of the Prestigious WTF Award

If all goes well, the videos will start going live on Monday at 1pm EST, presented in alphabetical order. The postmortem may go live sooner, but each video contains its final rank within, so you'll learn the fate of your favorites and least favorites when the videos start airing.
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Red Slime
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 PostFri Mar 01, 2019 6:01 am
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You're doing God's work, Pepsi Ranger. Take whatever time you need.
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