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Short Review for Delinquent.rpg 
 PostFri Feb 23, 2018 6:29 pm
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This is a review of delinquent.rpg.

Best polished game. It makes good use of the area with masking. It works from start to finish. But healing/life items are not introduced to the player, and the story is a little boring. The battles are fleshed out, but dull, and somewhat monotonous.

Graphics are beautiful, but I find myself questioning why they have wings in an urban setting.

Well realised progression. I finished it, but mostly out of frustration that I was playing it so long and still couldn't find the freaking next place to visit, despite having visited them all several times. It was hidden, guys. It was hidden. Or maybe it was mentioned in dialogue once and promptly forgotten. I forget. I couldn't find the entrance to the grotto for a long time, is what I'm trying to say. Meanwhile, there's a building with a person which seems to serve no purpose >XD maybe they can tell you where to go next? Nope. It's just flavour baby. Enjoy it B)

Also. Who is the delinquent? And while we're at it, somebody PLEASE tell me but who was phone?
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