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Review for Alleghany Hell School 
 PostSun Jan 28, 2018 6:15 pm
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a typical classrooms
That's what keeps the player going ....
Battle in the auditorium
And so it began ... 

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The game FnrrfYgmSchnish:Alleghany Hell School by FnrrfYgmSchnish was released in 2017.

Plot & game play
There is an power outrage at Alleghany High School. That is nothing unusual, but this time the school principal made an announcement. So Eddie sets of to do exactly what he was told not to do: Explore the corridors of the school while it's dark.
While exploring the player notes that something is going on behind the scenes: The first hint are some pupils lying in the floor, they were beat up by giant insects. The next thing are forcefields that prevent the player for entering rooms, then there are barricades set up in the middle of the floors and later doors a blocked by ... something like roots wiggling around them.
If the classroom doors are open, Eddie can sneak in and talk to pupils and teachers. There are quite some funny scenes to discover there. Also the design of the fellow students is good and diverse!
Battles were fast and level up surprisingly easy in the beginning. If the player needs to heal and rest he sends Eddie to the boy's bathroom. (Eddie is a good child and refuses to use the one for girls.)
But while exploring the enemies get stronger fast, in the gym for example there are yellow bugs that can call another of their species, so you better kill them fast. In the auditorium there are cursed mobs and Pekachus, who use stunning attacks. So, what I saw from the games enemies was nicely designed and not to hard. I would have like a team mate for Eddie, though.

**Bravo! Great Design!**
I really liked ...
- battles are fast and at the beginning one levels up fast as well
- "Bathroom melody"
- the design of the students NPCs
- the foreshadowing is really well done!
- The intro is good as well
- You can look on a map in the menu

**Things that could be improved:**
-- It's easy to get lost + It's not clear where one has to go. That's not bad at first, because while roaming around one encounters hints that something is really wrong with the school. Still, a little bit more guidance would have been helpful.
- A bit more variants on the texts about the surrounding would be nice.
- Some doors won't open but there is no force field message.

Overall Impression:
The game has potential, it was fun to play! Smile
I don't know what typical american highschools are like, but I guess the author pictured them quite well.
I really liked what I saw of the game. The battle design was good, the maps nicely drawn as well. The school feels like a labyrinth. It suits the slightly horror/mystery theme quite well. What I saw of the plot was mostly foreshadowing 8also the title of course is foreshaowing or pun as well, I guess) done by classmate NPCs, but that was really done well. Also how things slowly turned out to get stranger and stranger while wandering the corridors.
Still I feel like I missed or overlooked something to progress further. I gave up about 45 minutes of play wandering corridors in search of a team mates. I'm sure the game is a lot longer.
All in all, I would like to continue playing the game, if someone tell me where to go next ... Confused .
Also I would recommend playing this game. Grin
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 PostSun Jan 28, 2018 6:51 pm
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Glad you liked what you saw of the game so far!

As for your questions of teammates and where to go next, check out the library -- it's on the second floor (where you started) at the top-right of the map, just past the door covered in centipedes. That's where you'll meet your second party member and it leads directly into the next part of the plot.

In the next version (which is well on its way to being uploaded, actually!) the doors will have signs on them telling you what they are, so the library's location will be more obvious. Right now I can see how somebody might miss it since it's tucked away in a corner and doesn't have the "flickery light on the floor" indicator that the open classrooms have. There will also be a lot more flavor text on the random objects (like filing cabinets and bookshelves actually having stuff in them you can check out, rather than only being background scenery.)

The doors that don't open, but also don't have a message are bugs -- there's one or two that you can walk into but nothing happens and a few that I messed up the NPCs for so their message doesn't show when you check them. All of those will be fixed in the next demo version.
Bok's Expedition -- Starting on the ending sequence now
Puckamon -- Not until the reserve party is expanded
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 PostWed Jan 31, 2018 11:45 am
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I'm looking forward to playing the next version!
It sounds really good! Grin

Also thanks for telling me where to go next, I'll try to finish the game. Smile
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