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Declassified Report and Video for FYS:AHS 
 PostSat Nov 18, 2017 8:50 pm
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On October 22, 2003, a high school in Virginia experienced an event so unusual that the student body had no choice but to learn something that day, and that something involved a crash course in many unconventional lessons, including bug extermination, dungeon diving, power restoration, and robot taming. Strange things happened that day, and even Stranger Things were in the works in those dark places below that no one would ever speak about, and it would take the gutsy heroism of a student named Eddie Ril and his ragtag team of misfits to get to the bottom of Alleghany High School's rampant critter, bully, and possessed faculty problem and stop it before terrible things could destroy all that he and his friends and classmates and bullies knew.*

On October 22, 2017, the story of the events that happened at Alleghany High School in Virginia fourteen years earlier were declassified and released to the public in the form of an OHRRPGCE game, however much of the story still needs to be told, and it is unclear just how much more there is to this frightening tale of a high school teaching its students evil science and subjecting them to experimentation.

*This is a projection of the untold part of the story, and not necessarily reflective of the current report.

The following criticism will reveal how well this event has been reported to the public. A 19-part video plus introduction running at just over 4 hours is currently on display and can be watched in its entirety here, complete with real time commentary at the events as they took place. Alternatively, a full text report can be read below the videos for those who just want to know the basics.

The Leaked Videos:

An Introduction (04:32)

Part 1 (09:58)

Part 2 (15:46)

Watch the whole 19-part report at this link:

Report will be updated as new information comes in.

The Official Report:

The events of Alleghany High School were certainly troubled, as most of the students at the school neither had an idea that something was wrong, nor would they have suspected anything was out of place in spite of the presence of giant bugs in their hallways. To many of them, it was just another school day. But one astute student, Eddie Ril, thought there was something different about his principal's announcement, different enough to give him the tingles, and he wanted to get to the bottom of it. What followed was a descent into a Lovecraftian nightmare in the hallways of his own high school, no, hell school, and a series of unlikely alliances he made on the way to help him fix the problem.

Eddie's journey was mostly straightforward. He had problems to solve before he could solve new problems. Each solution gave him a piece to unlock the barrier to the next solution, so his journey was "well plotted," which may seem odd considering life often comes without a plot. For all of the faults that Alleghany Hell School (as it will henceforth be known as) displayed, from serving sentient food to its students to making trips to the bathroom deadly, the one thing it did not lack was direction. This was a hidden truth, however, as the school's architects designed it with a lightning bolt shape in mind, and the hallways were so long and featureless that it was often difficult for students to know exactly where they were in the school. It took unique areas like the library, the gym, the auditorium, and the cafeteria to show how the straightforward angular shape of the school was not so repetitious, and yet, it still had the marks of a repetitious place. To find one classroom and another and another, and to know which classrooms have been accessed, to know which ones were still locked, and so on, was the real madness of Alleghany Hell School. It was almost impossible to know exactly where one was at any one time, if he or she were in the halls. It was sometimes unclear on which of the school's two floors the student was walking, at least until he'd reach the end of the hallway to find a set of exit doors, or not.

In truth, let the record state that the attempt to recreate the school as it was in 2003 is noble, as people want to know the real truth, as it happened, in the way that it happened. But sometimes people want to leave the boring stuff behind, and those who care about this report may not feel engaged with the whole story if they feel like they have nothing to look at, or nothing to respond to, and unfortunately, much of Alleghany Hell School had little to interact with in 2003. For a school that had such a bad reputation in quality, it surprised this critic that the hallways could look so clean or be so empty. Gates were drawn to prevent unauthorized passage from one section of the school to another, yet there were also no visible fire hazards, no leaky walls, or anything what would make each area unique. Given the nature of this story, this critic would assume that there was less care put into the well-being of its students than the report would make one believe, and it is the opinion of the reviewer that more care should be given to showing how bad the state of the school really was--the trash, the cracked floors and walls, the discarded mascot uniform in the middle of the hall, and so on. It is also surprising that on October 22, 2003, nobody was displaying any Halloween decorations around campus.

This is but a minor quibble, of course. The report does a fine job getting into the lives and minds of its student body, even though most of them have nothing important to say. To accurately show each one in class during each respective block is a nice touch. But when it is unclear which class they belong to, or even who they are, it's hard to deny that the report lacks certain immersive elements to give the researcher or curious explorer a fair representation of all that happened that day, including who was there and who stayed home sick.

There is also the disturbing truth that this report reveals only part of the story. We still do not know what happened below the sewers or below the secret room in the school where the source of trouble was coming from. We only know that something worse existed in the spaces below than the places where Eddie and his friends had explored in the first four hours of school.

It is this critic's opinion that the rest of the story deserves to be told, and those wanting to know the rest deserve to find out what happened later that day. The report should focus on giving more details about the school and its students, and even consider "bending the truth" a little to make the school more aesthetically pleasing, or at least more diverse in its presentation to keep the halls from being too plain and classrooms too difficult to identify from the outside.

There should also be more opportunities to interact with scenery. There is a disturbing trend at Alleghany Hell School that allows people to look at an object, but not necessarily have anything to say about it. That phone on the desk? Was it dead? Why didn't Eddie try to call the pizza man? These questions must be answered one day!

That concludes feedback on the current state of the report. It is this critic's hope that justice for Alleghany High School can be fully served and its story fully told soon. Please stay tuned as further developments to this story unfolds.
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