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Review for Andy & Ollie Save Christmas 
 PostFri May 26, 2017 2:18 am
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This is a review of Andy and Ollie Save Christmas.

Andy & Ollie Save Christmas is a holiday-themed OHR game released by artist/musician Soda Piggy (James Pandelis) in 2016.

You control the titular characters (elves tasked with making some rushed last-minute deliveries from Santa Claus) over 3 levels by using the A, S, and D keys to drop green, red, and yellow gifts from your sleigh (which is moving at breakneck speed) onto houses of the matching color. The goal is to hit as many houses as possible to fill up your “Christmas Cheer” meter before the timer runs out. It is reminiscent of Simon, various 80s arcade cabinets like Tapper, as well as modern rhythm games like Guitar Hero.

I don’t know what happens after the Christmas Cheer meter is filled, as I did not complete this objective. While the art itself is pretty in a way that reminds me of old PC games from the 1990s, the pace at which the snow and buildings whiz past is disorienting and strains my eyes – like trying to play Simon in a blizzard. On top of this, the music (which is admittedly thematically and tonally appropriate) manages to be cheesy and manic at the same time, thus ultimately annoying.

Andy & Ollie Save Christmas is mostly a showcase for Soda Piggy’s art, which is outstanding; unfortunately it’s hard to appreciate any of it as it whizzes by amid a snowstorm. I’d be curious to see Soda Piggy’s talents applied to a game that is more considerate of the end user.
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