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Review for Dark Planet 
 PostTue May 23, 2017 11:38 am
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you begin your new job
the city
the lobby
Status Menu

The game demo Dark Planet by the was released in 2016.
The demo is quite short, so is my review.

You're Jet, a guy who just had finished his training and now works as a member of the special division. Your first job is it to fight some Beetles in a power station. (I never found them.)

**Bravo! Great Design!**
I really liked ...
- the graphics style and tone, the maps and walkabouts
- the weapon animation was well done

**Things that could be improved:**
- the character portraits
- the music gets a bit boring after a while

Overall Impression:
The demo was fun. The game uses has rather bright tones, that creates a comic-like atmosphere. The battle animation and sprites were really well drawn. The walkabouts underline the comic-style. The only thing graphicwise that should be improved are the portrait images. Minor mistakes in regard to eye position make them look a bit odd.
The map inside consists of corridors, and a lobby.
Outside there are a lot of large houses, it makes you feel like this takes place in a capital or really large town. The houses looked nice, but one can not enter them.
I hope Ichiro finishes this. It looks like Dark Planet will be fun to play. Grin
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