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Review for Overgrowth Demo 
 PostMon May 22, 2017 5:42 am
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the first room, no overgrowth here
found a broken modem
Keep away from walking ball of wool
This is a review of Overgrowth Demo.

The game Overgrowth Demo was released in 2015 as an entry for the Halloween Contest.
And it creates scary atmosphere!

You're an astronaut, Marc. You being send out to kill the OverGrowth.
And find yourself walking along this odd thing/place, while you try to kill it before it kills you.
Marc found a modem while walking, so probably there are other items to find.
Unfortunately then Marc was found by black ball of wool-like aliens(?) - and that means game over - before I could explore further.

**Bravo! Great Design!**

I really liked ...
- the scary atmosphere suits the game well
- the astronaut's sprite and walking animation!

**Things that could be improved:**

- Suggestion: add an intro rather than start with two text boxes?

Overall Impression:
The game demo was scary! Really scary. Surprised
Why was it so scary? Some good design choices made it so.
First, the sound. There was no real music, but rather a fast paced rhythm. Also, at one point there was a sound "hidden" on the map, I think. If you walked on it, it would scream. Music serves really well to create emotions.
Second, the unknown (or lack of information). You don't know where to go, there is no mini-map and no menu. The overhead tiles cover some parts of the map, so you as the player can not see very well. This creates tension, because you are not sure what is hiding where you're walking. And it was implied that there was something hiding there. The warnings in the beginning also increase the tension, and so does the dead astronaut's body lying near the entrance.
The design perfectly suits the setting!
The graphics are good. The colour tone of dark grey and browns goes along well with a horror game.
This is a demo only, but it has a lot of potential! Grin
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