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Review for witch2 
 PostFri May 12, 2017 7:44 am
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a corridor - with candles
On the castle's roof
Camilla's avatar is sown wearing coustumes that are equipped
Many different creatures in the castle
This is a review of witch2.rpg.

The game "witch2.rpg" was made by Pheonix. It was released in the 2016 Halloween Contest.

Camilla planned to celebrate Halloween in an old magic castle, instead she has to search for the costumes and candles, that got lost.
Exploring the castle the player meets a lot of creatures, like vampires, harpys, witches and demons and bats. They tent to either give hints on how to find the missing items or gate path ways, and all have their own distinct sprite. Up to where I played, there were no battles in game. The game was more based on exploration.

**Bravo! Great Design!**
I really liked ...
- the intro
- the view from the tower
- the dress up with costume idea, and that the costumes do different things
- "Beyond lies the credits"-Warning Grin

**Things that could be improved:**
- the game feels a bit too difficult, but I guess it keeps you playing.
- the music could change after the intro scene is finished, it that would have a better effect to show that now it is the payer's part to do something.

**Overall Impression:**
There's a large map to explore with many riddles to solve, some are easy while others are difficult. There are many rooms, corridors a garden, a pool, a graveyard etc.. so, the map is quite diverse, even though it uses a limited colour scale. By the way, custom colour palette: orange and purple tones only. If you get used to it, it looks good and I think it fits perfectly the old-castle-Halloween-setting.
The sprites are nicely drawn, I think it uses the walk-tall script. The costume idea is super nice. Costumes do different things, for example the glasses allow you to see things differently and depending on what costume the heroine wears her sprite changes in the menu (yes, there's a custom made menu) and the walkabout changes! Drawing all these walkabouts must have been awful lot of work! Surprised
The game was fun to play, but also really challenging. There are plenty of riddles to solve, costumes to find and corridors to explore. Grin
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