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Review for The Successor's Legacy - Demo 
 PostFri May 12, 2017 7:35 am
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Berry picking
Battle in the forest
Woodburys' inhabitants are squirrles
The cave
Fighting a demon
This is a review of The Successor's Legacy - Demo.

The game The Successor's Legacy - Demo by Mammothstuds was released in 2016. It is a demo version for the Heart of the OHR contest.

The hero is a cat, (so it says the game description.) and the cat's name is Successor. Playing as Successor you begin in a strange realm.
You get to choose a weapon if you follow the sign saying and then you meet a goddess who sends you to kill an evil king, because the former hero failed.
So you're on your way, through a forest inhabited by monsters, berry bushed flowers and trees to the town Woodbury (nice name!).
The inhabitants of Woodbury are missing their mayor, who went into the cave north of the town and did not return.
In the cave the player encounters some monster and finally finds the mayor, who is not the mayor, but a demon in disguise of the mayor.
(The demon was way to strong, and I got the hero killed, so I did not get far.)

**Bravo! Great Design!**
I really liked ...
    - the task given by the goddess Gala serves as a good motivation, it is good to know what the player has to do.
    - the squirrel's text about the cave, great way to create suspense! Grin
    - the texture of leaves on the forest tiles
    - that one can choose a weapon in the beginning

**Things that could be improved:**

    - the hero equipped with a bow, still uses a sword, seems like there's room for another battle sprite here
    - the mayor - demon was to strong
    - the graphic style sometimes feels a bit like Mammothstuds is still practising, some enemies look really good, other sprites, for example the goddess's sprite could be improved.
    - The symbol for poison(?) is a "i", I know it's the default value from the OHR, but it could be changes to a better suited symbol.
    - You could add an inn to Woodbury

**Overall Impression:**
All in all, the game was has a nice simple drawing style (that sometimes could be improved). Some of the enemy sprites were really good, like the Boros one's. It's also cool, that the enemies use diverse attacks.
The dialogue is well written and funny. I did not get too far with the plot, in fact I lost against the mayor in the cave, so I might not have seen enough of the game's world to rate it properly.
I'd recommend to play this game before playing Mirrored Soul Gaiden - Demo by Mammothstuds. They both share similar style elements, but Mirrored Soul Gaiden - Demo shows how much Mammothstuds has improved.
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