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Rogi Reviews Andy and Ollie 
 PostThu May 11, 2017 2:21 am
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Nice shading
I can't get the timing right, this is hard
You accumulate Christmas Cheer as you play, but very slowly unless your accuracy is perfect
This is a review of Andy and Ollie Save Christmas.

Andy and Ollie Save Christmas by Soda_piggy

This one's hard for me to give a critical review. It's not so much a game as it is an interactive Christmas card. You match the timing on screen to throw presents at the houses. The three different levels have different obstructions to make it harder to see the houses. You're supposed to keep playing the levels and try to keep your accuracy and combos high to fill up the meter before the timer runs out.

Not much writing here, it's just a minigame with high production values.

Excellent use of color. Minimal shading and no borders, just a seamless cartoon aesthetic.

The music fits but I can't take it for more than a minute or two. There should be a sound effect for combos. Maybe it gets higher pitch as the number goes up.

I managed to get a perfect run on the first level but it barely fills your meter. It's really hard to judge the right timing to get a hit consistently, and hitboxes should probably favor earlier hits. I'd also like to see how much progress I'm making while I'm in a level, not just at the end. The 15 minute limit is too long for a mini game and the meter should require maybe 2/3 to finish. If it's supposed to be 15 minutes long, it needs more gameplay depth. This isn't something I want to sit and grind through.

Great animation and original gameplay.

Personal Review
Timing games like this aren't my cup of tea but the art and presentation here are perfect. I played the full 15 minutes which seemed like more than I wanted to play. I didn't get the good ending. Overall it's well presented but feels very padded to stretch the content, so 2.5 out of 5 for me.

Favorite Thing
Great presentation

Worst Thing
Expects too much from the player
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