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Review for Labyrinthilium 
 PostSun May 07, 2017 8:22 am
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The hero of the game is lost in a maze
How to move
The oni merchants are so cool!
The Town
Great Battle Design
This is a review of Labyrinthilium.

Labyrinthilium is a game made by Pheonix.
It resembles a dungeon crawler, where you fight foes and explore a maze.
You have to keep good track of you money and equipment to progress.

The game starts ... somewhat confusing.
A person named ??? is talking to someone, either to you, the player or Hyvera those roles the player plays.
Walking in the maze is odd at first, but after a while one get's used to it.
The plot is about a demon lord named Hyvera who has gotten into trouble and has to fight her way throug several layers of the demon world. At least she has her friend Palion at her side who helps her.
The maze the player travels as Hyvera is inhabited by demons, who resemble creatures from folktales from diffrent cultures, like a Kitsune or a Hapyre.

**Bravo! Great Design!**
    I really liked ...
    - nice character design!
    - The characters explain in the beginning how the game works, it's included in the plot, nice!
    - The oni merchants are so cool! (>o<)
    - the enemy graphics with all that anime style influences, great!

**Things that could be improved:**
    - The music should be improved. It is ... uhm? Well, to be honest it is annoying.
    - Is there a way to save the game's progress? Maybe add an item that shows the most important controls. For example, I did not understand what the spell fragments do? And how are they used? Also such information could go into a manual document, if Pheonix feels like making one.
    - Pressing Esc on the "To Other Areas" menu deletes the menu box. I guess it's a bug, because if you do,then the Game does nor react on any keys, it feels like the game freezes.

Overall Impression:
The game was more fun than I expected after a first glance. The longer I played the more I enjoyed the game. Smile
There are interesting characters, not just thin characters that server more as an avatar in dungeon crawler games.
And there is a plot, (at the beginning I could not really figure out what it was about). But with more progress comes more information.
I really liked the idea about mystical creatures. The graphic style refers to anime and the game sprites look really good!
The attacks all seems to do diffrent things and there's a wide range of enemies. The futher you travel the stronger the enemies get.
Regarding that the game was made with the OHR, there's surely some good plot scripting skills at work here. Great! Grin
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