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Review for Quodia 
 PostSun May 07, 2017 8:04 am
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Beginning on the beach
The town
A Cave
Inside a melon house
Great battle screen design!
Gateway Cavern
This is a review of Quodia.

Quodia was made by Froginator in 2016. It seems to bo Froginator's second game.

You play as Sunny, who finds herself/himself - I'll pretend Sunny is a girl's name - on the beach, and doesn't even remember how she got there. But there are the foot steps of her dog next to her, following them Sunny meets Max, the dog. They both explore the island and soon meet a bunch of strange creatures.
A red and yellow dude, a talking box and a town where the houses are made of giant fruits inhabited by ... fruits and something slug-like. Before entering the town Sunny and Max defeat a blue berry who in return accepts them as it's worthy rivals and invites them into it's melon house.
Here Sunny and Max are given the quest to fight HIM, (who ever that is.) Blueberry promises to help. From one of the slug-like creatures, that owns the only shop in the fuit-village, Sunny and Max learn that there is a monster stealing food at night hiding behind a waterfall.
Actually there are many bat like creatures called mo-moum living in the cave. The boss, is a giant mo-moun, who can be talked into being Sunny's friend by agreeing and disagreeing in the others menu of the Battle menu.
After a talk with the merchant slug Sunny and Max proceed to the next area.
There's a puzzle with statues that block the way, and you have to push them around. In the end, Sunny steps on a sand castle, and angers a green blobster.
Soon after that Sunny and Max meet a blue frog and a pink dragon-like creature in their hideout. A battle begins, although I lost, the creatures treated me as if I won, there was no game over, this might be a bug. To gain the amphibians trust you have to play a cute mini-game.
After that confusing encounter the journey continues to a dark cave named gateway cavern, where one has quite a small view radius. Here the game got somewhat buggy and I stopped playing.

**Bravo! Great Design!**
I really liked ...

    - the graphics all seem to be of very high quality. Grin
    - the cave's design
    - the Battle screen's design
    - the things you can jump on inside the gate cave and the small view radius

**Things that could be improved:**
    - the yellow dude says nothing.
    - Max has no hero image in the status screen
    - there are boxes in the cave that the player can not picup or open, but walk underneath. This might be bug.
    - the text boxes sometimes hide the hero's during battle. I would suggest to either make the hero's sprites larger to raise the heros' heads positions above the text boxes, or shrink the whole battle screen and lower the text boxes.
    - I would have liked a little bit more world building or information on the surroundings. It feels a bit dull.
    - In regard to the plot, sometimes it is not clearly said what the player is expected to do or where the player should go. If the game is about exploration that's fine, but explicitly stating what the point is, could be a good motivation to the player.
    - You can get stuck in the gateway cavern, there is no way down from the waterfall. Also you can jump with one of the switches into the black area(!)

Overall Impression:
The game has some of the best sprites I've seen so far. Their style is comic-like and bright and suits the happy, goofy tone of the adventure well.
The plot feels a bit thin, compared to these super good graphics. It's rather easy and straight forward. But the dialogues are well written and fun to read.
I did not find much background information on what kind of island Sunny stranded and who lives there besides those things that one encounters while playing. A bit more background information might have been nice. On the other hand, knowing seems not important for the plot and also not-knowing underlines the feel of being lost on a strange island. The gate cave area needs improvement, but besides that the game is playable offers an cartoony island to explore with some surprising plot twist. Smile
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