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Rogi Reviews Labyrinthilium 
 PostSat May 06, 2017 3:31 am
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Purple places
Foreshadowing something...
Excellent sprite work
This is a review of Labyrinthilium.

Labyrinthiluim is my personal favorite for 2016. It's short and it's just a demo, but it feels like a solid foundation for something bigger.

Labyrinthilium slowly explains its setting as it goes along. Demons and humans don't get along and it's hinted that angels or non-demon supernatural beings are falling back into this realm. It's kind of abstract but perfect for the first person dungeon crawler setup. There's just enough flavor text to make you want to explore.

I like the way you're dong the rendered scenes for backgrounds. Lots of purple isn't my first choice but it's good here. The end product looks really nice. Sprites are great too, enemy graphics are some of the best I've seen in OHR. Character sprites are great even though you don't see them in the game very much.

The music is fair but I think you should try making some really ambient and minimalist backing sounds like how the game starts out. Sound effects are good.

I finished it in less than an hour. I've played games like Wizardry and The Dark Spire so I know the style, but Labyrinthilium is a lot more forgiving. Early battles are almost too easy. The other demon encounters don't feel like boss fights, just more difficult random encounters. Most of the time I was running through the map trying to find a place to save, but I made it to the end soon enough. The boss fight was longer and I thought I was going to wipe out for sure, but I made it just throwing physical attacks until the healer died, then I took out the other.

Maybe I missed something but I never managed to use any copied abilities. It would be nice to get them while in battle instead of having to finish and equip it, but I never actually equipped any while I played the game. I'd like to see some kind of tutorial in this area, seems like a good mechanic the way it's set up. Now I see how it works and I like the idea, but you could mess yourself up if they're consumable.

The 3D maze code is great and there's enough features here for a full game. One thing I noticed is that map progress isn't saved. That might be important.

Personal Review
Have you played Baroque? That was my first impression when I loaded Labyrinthilium. Dark, somewhat abstract, otherworldly. I get the atmosphere almost immediately without much explanation and that what I really like about it. There isn't a ton of content here but the basics are in place and it shouldn't be hard to keep going and add a story. I want to see more locations, some different walls and towns.

I'm guessing you don't get out of the maze right where the demo ends, probably have to go through more areas and there will be more about the demons, humans, and angels to explain. Solid 3.5 out of 5 and easily 4.5 if it gets finished.

Favorite Thing
Great presentation. The conversation graphics and town navigation really build the atmosphere without just showing everything.

Worst Thing
Needs more content and places to save.
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