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Review for You Need a Hero 
 PostThu May 04, 2017 5:43 pm
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Damien in his room
Battle Screen: Fox and angry slime

The game "You Need a Hero" was released in 2016 by Idontknow.

You play as Damien, a wolf boy, who's computer attacks him. Then your rival comes to visit and asks you to go and see the mall.
On the way to town, you can collect all sorts of rubbish. In town you can go and explore several stores.
After walking around in the mall, your sister shows up and attacks you. Something's odd... Ooops, she was to be mind controlled.
In the mall the cops, dresses and computers have gone crazy. There are plenty of battles. Show down is in the Area where Food is sold.
But the arch-enemy left the heroes some laser guns. They are saved by a so-called QUEEN who invites them into, well, cyberspace.
Soon, this queen turns out to be not a queen, but a girl and she joins the team as 3rd hero.
A cool thing is that now the player can use monitors as short cuts to teleport from one place to another.
After leaving cyberspace and the store, the three are attacked by a cute spaceship, that orders Damien to go to his old school.
The path to get there leads through the woods. The heroes have to fight of a stalking cat lady, before reaching the next town. (Where the plot continues, I assume.)

**Bravo! Great Design!**
The dialogues are well written. The characters seem to have a strong personalty of their own (unlike games where the hero never talks.).
I might not have understood the whole story, also, I have not played the whole game yet (I got to the second town), so I won't talk about the game's plot.

The graphics are really good. The battle backdrop are an exception don't quite fit in, still it creates a feeling of 'three-dimensionality'.

Restaurants: I liked that in stores and restaurants the hero can talk to the other persons in the team.

Battles: The battle backdrop is interesting, but feels out of place.
Enemies do not look as nice as the walkabouts. Still there are some funny ones among them: The slime looks angry and the fox somewhat cute.

**Things that could be improved:**
All in all the battles feel a bit unbalanced: Foxes and slimes die fast, but hipsters attacks are is quite strong. Freya is weak for a boss.
Later on battles are still fast, a bit less fast, but still difficult to fight. There is suspense, because the enemies are quite strong and might kill you easily.
Items can be won in battles or bought in shops, they are expensive. Enemies drop a fair amount of money. In consequence this makes you fight more battles to gain more money to buy equipment.

**Overall Impression:**
The game is fun to play and there's a bit absurd plot to play.
Idontknow made good character design choices, showing characters that each have their own personality. And the sprites look nice. Smile
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