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Review for Star Trucker - Retro Space Simulation Game 
 PostTue May 02, 2017 2:34 pm
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Space Trucker - 0.04 (stable alpha)0006.bmp
spaceship and asteroids - battle screen
Space Trucker - 0.04 (stable alpha)0004.bmp
Talking NPC
Space Trucker - 0.04 (stable alpha)0003.bmp
This is a review of Star Trucker - Alpha Release.

The game "Star Trucker - Retro Space Simulation Game" by maunderingcabal was released in November 2016.
It is maunderingcabal's first game, I think.

As far as I've played, the plot is relatively easy to be told: The game starts in Space Station 1.
You play as a space trucker who needs to pay off dept before he can move with his family to another place.

**Bravo! Great Design!**
I really liked ...

    - the idea! Grin
    - that you can enter a space station and talk to NPCs!
    - the NPC looks, especially the holograms were a great idea!
    - the map design
    - I did not do many battles, but it seems like you can "fight" asteroids or ice clouds. Wow!

**Things that could be improved:**
    The game play was not so ... clear. I just could not figure out put the "how to make money"-advices to practice. Two times the space ship ran out of battery and the hero died in space: The first time I played I forgot to exchange the chips from the holograms against money. Guess what, without money you can't buy anything. The second time, I could not find a space station where to buy anything.
    - Can I also play as a space trucking woman as well, please? Please? Smile

**Overall Impression:**
The game was too difficult to be fun. Maybe the difficulty could be improved?
The graphics are nice and the space trucking setting is a cool idea! Grin
The map design is also cool, inside the space station you play as the pilot, outside you play as the spaceship.
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