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Review for Andy and Ollie Save Christmas 
 PostSat Apr 29, 2017 6:17 am
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So cute!
Game Play
Game Screen
This is a review of Andy and Ollie Save Christmas.

"Andy and Ollie Save Christmas" is a game made by SodaPiggy. It was released in 2016 on Christmas.

The game is about Santa's helpful elves and reindeer that try to deliver the presents for children in time.
It's an arcade like game, not an rpg. You have to drop presents of the right color at the correct time so they fall into the house chimney, while the sledge moves along the screen.

I wrote, I was not sure how to win the game: I was told about how to win here:
It seems like you have to gather enough Christmas cheer (points you get for delivering the presents to the right house), to fill the Christmas cheer bar. You can do this by playing one level over and over again, or playing all levels, it does not matter.

**Bravo! Great Design!**

    - I really liked the game's graphics! They were so nice! Grin
    - The intro tells the play what the game is about and its looks super.
    - The music has a catchy tune that tends to say in your ear for a while.
    - You can adjust the difficulty to your liking by choosing a level. Cool!

**Things that could be improved:**
- The game might be a bit short. But I'd say that's okay for a game of this style.

Overall Impression:
The game was made with the OHR, so I think SodaPiggy had to do quite some plot scripting to make a game like this. Really cool!
The design of the sprites, menu and music all suit the happy christmasy theme well. Also there is a really cool intro scene.
An other good point is that you can play the game in 3 different levels of difficulty, so the player can adjust the difficulty to his or her skills.
To deliver the right presents to the houses gets more difficult if one chooses to play a higher stage. The main goal is to fill the Christmas cheer bar.

So, all in all the game has easy to understand but hard to master game mechanisms and it is really entertaining. And the graphics were great!
I'd recommend to play this game on Christmas. Grin
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