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Review for Dragon Chaser 
 PostSat Apr 29, 2017 6:05 am
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NPC talking
Here you can save the game - took me a while to figure that out.
Battle screen
Thou hast no need to be behind my counter!
This is a review of Dragon Chaser.

Dragon Chaser or "Where is the Plot?"

Playing the game "Dragon Chaser" by DragonChaserKev reminds me more or less of the standard fantasy adventure plot: The heroine without memory was killed by uberstrong-monsters.
The End.

Ah! Wait ... Maybe I was not supposed to walk the map?

Well, let's try again:
This time the heroine without memory enters the town.
The people there are very, very talkative. I guess they've never heard about the useful advice for going-to-be writers and storytellers that goes "Show, don't tell."
The player gets a information on monsters, on people coming to town as refugees and that the hero should talk to the mayor, whom unfortunately I failed to find.
That's then I gave up looking ...and the hero went to another town. There seems to be a backgrounds story or some world building at work. The towns folk there suffers from the monsters as well, families were separated.
The map, the world map is interesting, but full of monsters, if you don't walk on the path that leads from one town to another. But don't expect to be able to walk through a town and leave it at another gate. Instead you have to walk around towns and back to the path.

I have not played the whole game. So I can only comment up to the point where I played.

**Bravo! Great Design!**
    - the graphics look nice, very simplistic that has make it nice
    - hero battle animations
    - the monster sounds
    - the NPC that complaint when I walked behind the counter Grin
    - Grimbal's magic quill Grin

**Things that could be improved:**

    - Make more use of "Show, don't tell". Do not make NPC tell what the player/heroine is doing, let the player say/do something. This could be done, for example with menus or by asking yes-no-questions.
    - Give the player a goal, so that the player does not feel as lost as the heroine without memory
    - maybe add some music?

Overall Impression:
The main goal of the game remained unclear to me, so I guess there's room to accentuate the plot and main goal. From the title, I guess it's something about dragons... Besides that, the game is interesing, there's a lot to explore. And it really looks good with it's "old schoolish" style! Smile
 PostMon May 15, 2017 8:00 am
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Thank you so much for the review. Dragon Chaser is my first game and was way too much to start with, and no organization so lots of loose ends to fix.

The comment about adding music is a little unclear as there should be music on world map, towns, fights.... should be lots of music.

Yes there is perhaps too much text and not enough direction... :P

Please check now and then for an update.
Metal Slime
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 PostMon May 15, 2017 8:38 am
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You're welcome. Smile

About the music, I meant that there's rarely any music.
There's no music in town and neither there is in battles, so the game feels quite silent.

I'm looking forward for an update.
Good luck with making games!
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