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Review of BALE 
 PostThu Apr 27, 2017 5:44 am
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Got any questions? This NPCs has answers.
This is there the game begins: In the last bastion on knowledge.
This is a review of Bale.

The game "BALE" was made by guo and released in Aug 15, 2016.
It seems it was meant as an entry to the HOT OHR, but the newest version is from 3rd of December 2016.
I guess, I have not played the whole game, but I lost my way so I can only comment up to the point where I played.

You wake up in some sort of temple surrounded by 4 figures.
Soon you learn that you were summoned from the dead by there 4 mages because of the weapon you own, a sword, that can not be separated from you. So, the mages revived you and summoned the sword. Can't have one or the other.
The mages who summoned you claim to be protectors of human knowledge and seem to be in deep trouble, their are overrun by ghouls and threatened by a parasite that eats magic.
So, since you seem to be the only hero around (or still alive), you enter the dungeon to fight the monsters.
At some point, you meet a tiny worm called Lint who accompanies you on the quest through the dungeon and helps you to retrieve a book.
In some shelves there are books that are readable, they give some hints about magic and the world in general. These books are a good idea, to inform the player about the world and the background story.
Other shelves in the dungeon show descriptions of the books, but they are not readable, still it's fun to read them.
The dungeon itself is build like a maze, the player has to use switches to open gates and fight or avoid ghoul-NPCs that run in circles. The game can be saved at most water surfaces. The player also can collect green coloured orbs to become stronger. There are also purple orbs, but for some reason one couldn't collect them.
There is also an outside map, with green grass and trees later on in the plot, which one has to cross to find a lever in another dungeon.
Unfortunately after that I failed to figure out where to go next, so the hero stumbled a bit through the dungeon and then I gave up.

**Bravo! Great Design!** Smile
    - The beginning, that's a unusual, interesting idea! Telling the player what he/she feels is cool.
    - The music is super! It fits the atmosphere 100%! Grin
    - The option to ask questions! It's simple but great device, it give the player a choice on what infos to gather and a feeling of being in control of the game.
    - The player can make use of different skills, so the battles are interesting. Also, battles are fast.

**Things that could be improved:**
    - I was not able to pick up the the purple moon swirl. I don't know it it's a bug or if I missed something about how to collect it.
    - The ghouls look a bit like teddy bears who ate to much tomato sauce ...
    - An option to re-read information on where to go or what to do next would improve the playing experience

**Overall Impression:**
The game maker has put a lot of effort in this game.
The introduction and the music are designed nicely, so the first impression definitely is a good one.
Usually I am not a fan of dungeon crawler games, but "BALE" was fun to play!
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Re: Review of BALE 
 PostWed May 10, 2017 5:38 am
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marionline wrote:

[list]- I was not able to pick up the the purple moon swirl. I don't know it it's a bug or if I missed something about how to collect it.

This is actually a really cool feature: Picking up the purple moon swirl restores some of your MP. It won't let you waste it, picking it up when you don't need any MP.
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