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Review: "You Need a Hero" by Idontknow 
 PostSat Apr 15, 2017 9:57 am
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A walk in the park
Bug where I got stuck in a wall
Saving Angela from murderous space ships
Beware of spoiled food

This is my Review about "You Need a Hero" by Idontknow.

The player takes the role of Damien, a dog boy still living at his mothers house. The game begins with a visit of "The jerk", your rival and sworn enemy who tries to lure you to an abandoned mall. Since Damien is the courageous hero of the game he bravely accepts the "invitation" knowing that evil is waiting for him at the abandoned place.

The world of "You Need a Hero" is quite surreal. There are Cat and Dog people living along each other in a modern age city that gets attacked by slimes and other vicious creatures or hipsters throwing hot coffee at you.
It is a pity that the game doesn't tell you more about the background of this world since it isn't the usual medieval or SciFi setting an RPG player feels at home.

The game ends with the words "find out next time" and thus indicates that sequels will be comming in the future so I expected to find some loose ends to create appetite for the next game of the series but unfortunately I was lost with about all my questions unanswered. I don't know who that DJ Dog or the Star Citizen is and why on earth they want to fight me although we have never met before. I also have no clue about that HERO organization people were talking about.

Concerning the graphics the game felt a little unfinished. There were tiles with nicely rounded edges like the path in the park of the first city that harmonized very well with the beautifully drawn grass. But right next to it was a pond made of square water tiles that didn't quite fit into the picture. The character sprites of my party members look really adorable though.

Sound & Music:
The music of the game was well chosen. Light piano tones in the background added a lot to the mood of the game.
The Sound effects were simple but functional.

The world felt very alive there were many objects that the player could interact with. In Damiens house there wasn't a single object that didn't open a message box with a little story. The first map also encouraged exploring the forest with hidden items but unfortunately both the number of interactive objects and explorable areas decreased drastically as the game progressed.
Battles were well balanced, not too easy but also not too hard. Only once I lost two of my party members during the final boss fight.
But the healing items felt a little useless since the characters regain their mana points on every level up and Damians cure spell didn't cost very much so I could use it all the time. After Angela joined the party it actually became even more easy to keep everyone at full health with the heal skill she was able to learn from enemies.
What I really liked were the beast skills that all the dog characters have. You can attack enemies with poisonous bites or temporarily buff your character stats by houling.

I just encountered a single bug in the cyber dimension right before meeting Jessie where I ended up stuck in a wall after entering her room from the left side of the door.

But nevertheless I quite of enjoyed the game. I was astonished how quickly the 02:05 hours had passed that it took me to reach the end battle.
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