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Red Slime
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Glow Reviews Quodia 
 PostTue Jun 14, 2016 8:30 am
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This is a review of Quodia.

[03:08] GLOW alright
[03:09] GLOW time for quiod or whatever
[03:09] GLOW quodia
[03:09] GLOW I don't even own a boat
[03:11] TheGiz Quodia, from the Latin meaning "What day?"
[03:11] TheGiz (I can't back that up)
[03:12] GLOW oh slime
[03:12] GLOW it's that earthbound game someone mentioned a while back
[03:12] GLOW this is gonna be a long one
[03:12] TheGiz Oh awesome
[03:12] TheGiz I was wondering about that one
[03:16] GLOW the battle music is great
[03:16] GLOW but the walking around music almost sounds like it was written by someone else
[03:20] GLOW the graphics are nice
[03:20] GLOW but this game is awful slow
[03:21] GLOW turnkids do almost no damage
[03:21] GLOW but take like 4 rounds of combat to dispose of
[03:23] GLOW like
[03:23] GLOW the graphics are nice, and so is the music
[03:23] GLOW but mechanically, she's runnin slow, you gotta start using premi
[03:24] TheGiz Hmmm
[03:24] GLOW should let me mash through the combat messages
[03:26] GLOW first boss doesn't even attack you
[03:26] GLOW mud that makes you walk slower in the first dungeon
[03:26] GLOW you get the key for progress before you even know you need it
[03:28] GLOW again, not bad, just slow, like, gen one pokemon slow
[03:28] TheGiz God I love first gen Pokemon slow, that's not slow that's tension
[03:29] GLOW nah, critical smaaaaaash
I'll burn down your house
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