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Glow Reviews Successors Legacy demo 
 PostTue Jun 14, 2016 8:08 am
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This is a review of The Successor's Legacy - Demo.

[02:51] GLOW the successors legacy
[02:51] GLOW it needs work
[02:51] GLOW like, a lot of front end work
[02:51] GLOW like, it was wrapped around a tree but the original driver didn't die
[02:52] TheGiz gahahaha
[02:52] GLOW The graphics are very minimalist, and not in a minimalist way, just half done
[02:53] GLOW if you get the bow, which your started weapon is given to you without being told which weapon you will get, your character still holds a sword in his hand
[02:53] GLOW his a/b attack sprite has a sword drawn onto the character
[02:55] GLOW his door entrances and exits are stacked on top of each other, so that you have to walk out of the tile and back onto it if you want to re-enter a building
[02:56] GLOW the music, doesn't make my ears hurt, but it's very forgettable, but i'm not a musician, so actually reviewing music is hard for me
[02:56] GLOW the encounter rate feels a tad high in the first area, i leveled up twice just exploring that area
[02:57] GLOW the first few enemy sprites i saw weren't bad, just messy looking
[02:57] GLOW the boros in particular only kind of looks like a serpent biting its tail
[02:57] GLOW it mostly looks like a face
[02:58] GLOW but for once i started playing one of these games and wasn't immediately pushed away by the difficulty
[02:58] |<-- Idontknow has left (Ping timeout: 186 seconds)
[02:59] GLOW it starts out very easy
[02:59] GLOW easy enough to get your bearings
[02:59] TheGiz That's always a great sign
[02:59] TheGiz I hate it when the game is so hard you feel like you're being pushed away
[02:59] GLOW but shortly after entering the cave that is above the village, which i assume he means by floating
[03:00] GLOW the enemy density increases, and the enemies no longer die in one hit as regularly
[03:01] GLOW right now, it's not bad, it could be, but it shows promise
[03:02] GLOW i'm starting to figure out that reviewing games is more fun that playing them
[03:02] GLOW my mind is being challenged in new ways
[03:02] GLOW but yeah
[03:03] GLOW most games i play are like, 3 hits and you're dead, and the enemies can attack you twice before you can attack once, and there are 3 of them, and they take 10 hits to kill
[03:04] GLOW successor legacy has cute graphics so far though, so i can say, if i get bored like this again, i might try to find the updated version
[03:04] GLOW okay
[03:04] GLOW just gonna copy paste this into a forum post
I'll burn down your house
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